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Tigerlily launch Wimbledon Garden in collaboration with Sipsmith

This week Tigerlily celebrates the launch of their exclusive Wimbledon Garden in collaboration with Sipsmith

From June 27th and throughout the Summer, the popular George Street venue will play host to the official Scottish Wimbledon Garden. Sipsmith is the official Gin Partner of Wimbledon 2022 and their pop-up at Tigerlily is the only one outside of London where customers can enjoy a limited edition, tennis-inspired cocktail menu and afternoon tea.

Decorated in abundance by Edinburgh-based florist, Wild Flowers, the installation is complete with fresh hydrangeas, allium, viburnum and daisies to create a stunning and fragrant indoor British summer garden. It is the largest to date to be created in Tigerlily with over 1,000 stems of flowers and foliage used. Already proving popular, the installation has been filmed by a production company for a show that’s been picked up by a UK broadcaster and is due to hit screens later this year. Until then, Tigerlily welcomes guests to enjoy the Sipsmith Wimbledon Garden first-hand. Sit amongst the tumbling flowers and foliage whilst sipping on, and watching, perfect serves on a large-scale screen or snap a selfie on the Sipsmith swing in the equally gorgeous Tigerlily foyer. Managing Director of the Montpeliers Group, Innes Bolt comments:

“we’re proud to be collaborating with the official gin partner of Wimbledon 2022 to bring the official and only Scottish Sipsmith Wimbledon Garden to Tigerlily. We’re excited to offer a unique and fun experience to our customers, tying in the buzz and atmosphere of Wimbledon.”

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