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The Heron

When I made my dinner reservation at this new Leith restaurant, I was so tempted by the food I missed a whole Negroni section on the drink’s menu. What a pleasant surprise to spot it as we took at seats in this eatery perched on the water of Leith.
We immediately ordered two x Old Poison Negronis (Selkie Gin, Edinburgh Rosso, Bitter Aperitivo) and took in the fresh and spacious surroundings featuring lush plants and a white balustrade. Attention to detail appears to be a hallmark of this restaurant which grew out of the pandemic pop-up home delivery operation Bad Seeds as demonstrated by a handmade paper menu inlaid with flower petals and thoughtful staff.
We feel like we are in good hands and order Sourdough, Scallops, Mackerel and Cod. This is paired with a Heron Negroni (Electric Spirit Co. Gin, Cocchi Torino, Campari), a signature cocktail that makes my busy work weeks dissolve away as I sip. Warm bread is accompanied by brown crab butter, which is fresh and light. Sashimi-style Scallop lies on a bed of grapes, crunchy cucumber strips and Ajoblanco, a cold soup from the South of Spain featuring bread, garlic and crushed almonds; its colour and flavour appearing to capture the very essence of summer.
Raw Mackerel Fillet is served with sweet gooseberries, fresh taramasalata and apple. The Cod, however, is the king of the meal, cooked with crunchy skin and a light smokiness. It is served with a butter and herbs emulsion, boiled, nutty Ratte potatoes, Roe, and courgette shavings with a hint of mustard that light up the plate. The fish is outstanding, and in my opinion, would work even without the sauce. Prices are in line with other high-end restaurants in the city, making The Heron a good place for a treat (E. Vanello).

The Heron
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