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Scotty Brand, the producer of quality, wholesome, homegrown foods, has launched delicious Beetroot Crisps, marrying decades of heritage with contemporary snacking trends to deliver a flavourful and wholesome treat.

Beetroot Crisps pay homage to Scotty Brand's past while embracing modern tastes with stylish, packaging. Crafted from fresh UK-grown beetroot, the crisps come in three flavours: Thai Sweet Chilli, Lime & Coriander and Cheese & Onion, matching the rich, earthy sweetness of beetroot with a mouth-watering twist.

Beetroot was the inspiration behind the launch of Scotty Brand in 1948 when Albert Bartlett’s entrepreneurial spirit, led to him boiling locally grown beetroot in a tin bathtub in his garden shed in Coatbridge, Scotland to support his growing family.

Andrew Young at Scotty Brand, Brand Development Manager, said:

"We’re thrilled to introduce our new Beetroot Crisp range, representing an exciting expansion into the snack category and a fitting tribute to our founder. This deliciously wholesome range blends Scotty Brand’s heritage, tradition, and innovation and is perfect for health-conscious consumers looking for a snack, that hits the flavour mark with fewer calories.”

Perfect for sharing and available in 84g packs, Scotty Brand's Beetroot Crisps contain just 112 calories per serving. Thai Sweet Chilli will hit Scotland-wide Morrisons stores in June.    

The available flavours are: 

  • Thai Sweet Chilli - Thai Sweet Chilli flavour is the perfect blend of Thai-inspired spices and the earthy sweetness of beetroot.  

  • Cheese & Onion - Cheese & Onion Beetroot Crisps combine the tangy richness of cheese and the savoury kick of onion with the natural sweetness of beetroot. 

  • Lime & Coriander - the wholesome heartiness and sweetness of beetroot complements the delicious sharp, mouth-watering blend of lime and coriander.

Scotty Brand's journey into the snack category signifies its dedication to diversifying its product portfolio and meeting evolving consumer demands. The crisps are made using a zero-food waste process to ensure that every part of the vegetable is used as part of Scotty Brands’ overall commitment to zero food waste. The growers are also partnered with LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) to support sustainable agricultural practices.

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