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Random Acts of Nature: Buck & Birch donate Elderberry Elixir

By Sharon Wilson

Recipients include care homes and FareShare

To mark Random Acts of Kindness Week (14th – 20th February), Buck & Birch will be teaming up with FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland to donate five hundred bottles of Wild Elderberry Elixir.

FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland will supply members of the community who are particularly susceptible at this time.

The 'elexir' comprises concentrated elderberry, bramble and rosehip syrup with a 5 ml serving containing 100mg of vitamin C and it is flavoured with herbs and spices including Japanese knotweed, Inula, Orange, Ginger, Liquorice, Nigella and Cinnamon.

Buck & Birch also have a permanent initiative where each bottle of Wild Elderberry Elixir sold from any Buck & Birch retailer, sees one donated to frontline workers.

Tom Chisholm, director of Buck & Birch explains they are just a Scottish business who want to give something back. “For millennia elderberries have been used to minimise the risk of catching cold and flu as well as alleviating the symptoms. So, in response to the COVID outbreak we teamed up with Monica Wilde of Napiers the Herbalists to make our Elderberry Elixir, suitable for the whole family and the perfect, tasty way of getting your daily dose of this beneficial fruit.

Jim Burns, Director of Operations of Move On which runs Fareshare Glasgow explained that such donations are vital in the midst of a global lockdown, when life for many, is already harder than before.”

Buck & Birch Wild Elderberry Elixir is also available to purchase (£14.99):

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