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Conjuring Wild Spirits - Buck & Birch release wild botanical spirit


After a successful debut in 2021, flavour innovators Buck & Birch have relaunched the second batch of their spirit and namesake, BIRCH.

The ethos of Buck & Birch's founders, Tom Chisholm and Rupert Waites, is to revisit Scotland's natural larder in order to create innovative, gastronomic offerings.

BIRCH is an alternative to gin and vodka where pure spirit is married with raw birch sap and seasoned with wild birch flavours. The result is a smooth, yet complex, botanical spirit with delicate notes of cucumber, rosemary and eucalyptus.

As an aside, Mrs Bite recently sampled the Ana birch syrup caramel liqueur, (another B&B birch-based drink), over ice at the new bar Tipsy Midgie and was impressed with its silky mouthfeel. It would be a perfect after-dinner sipper.

Regarding BIRCH, Tom said:

“10 years in the making, there has always been lively discussion at Buck & Birch about producing a spirit strength drink, but we were never in any rush – finding the right one was the most important thing.
The birch tree has always been integral to our business (it’s even in our name), so we knew we wanted to create something in its honour, and harnessing all its character was key. After the success of the first batch, we know it was truly worth the wait and we are excited to bring the new seasonal batch of BIRCH to our followers and fans"

Birch tapping

Birch tapping is a traditional foodway in northern Europe where the trees thrive. The sap is harvested during a short window in spring when it is rising. This sap can then be drunk straight or fermented for alcohol, syrup or vinegar. The tree has an elegant, skinny trunk with white bark and heart-shaped, delicate leaves. The twigs can be used to make tea. In fact all parts of the tree have been used, for fire or food, in the past. BIRCH contains a twig (a bit like the worm in a bottle of tequila).

BIRCH spirit can be chilled in the freezer and served neat, poured over ice and topped with light tonic or soda, garnished with rosemary or a slice of citrus to accentuate the herbal notes.

For cocktail enthusiasts BIRCH can be mixed in a classic martini with vermouth and either a twist of lemon or an olive, depending on belief in tradition.

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