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Chef Abi of African culinary pop up 'Farin Road' opens permanent residence at Tani Modi

Chef Tunde Abifarin has announced that his culinary outfit 'Farin Road' will now have a permanent residence at Tani Modi, an independent café on Hanover Street.

Opening initially Fridays and Saturdays from 5.30 pm on May 6 'Chef Abi', as he is known, will present cuisine from across Africa.

Farin Road specialises in innovative Pan-African cuisine and Chef Abi's new menu, while taking some inspiration from the Caribbean and Brazil, is rooted in Sub-Saharan Africa; it will feature dishes like Jerk from the Caribbean, kachumbari from Tanzania, Agashe from Sudan, Chakalaka from South Africa and more.

The Farin Road journey began in Edinburgh with a series of pop-ups and private events and Chef Abi has been an advocate for African cuisine while working as a head chef at many Edinburgh restaurants. He says:

"The vast Scottish larder tells an African tale. Farin Road finds its origin in the abundant Scottish larder, which is readily available in the kitchen. The team have taken a bold leap into the uncharted world of curating the cuisine of the African continent in a new way."

Chef Abi already has a devoted following in Edinburgh and has received critical acclaim and praise. One delighted diner said:

“We attended a 5-course menu food tasting. The experience was amazing! Lovely ambience well-presented, great food coupled with the chef's likeable personality. Finally, African food has arrived in style... First-class food!”

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