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New menu launch at Dhoom – next stop Chennai

Kappa Vada (crispy tapioca fritters)

This Dunfermline restaurant continues to take patrons on a culinary journey across India. The next stop is Chennai and the colourful Coromandel Coast of the south of the sub-continent.


With a thriving population of twelve million people, and one of the largest & oldest cities in India, Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the capital of Tamil Nadu.


Known as “The Land of Temples”, Tamil Nadu, was the centre for dynasties who ruled the southern coasts, controlling the lucrative spice trade.


The area was also where the first major English settlement in India was established, with the small fishing village of Madraspatnam being chosen as an initial outpost.

It grew to become Madras, an important port which gave birth to the British East India Company.

After spending four weeks in Chennai last November, when he researched his new menu, Dhoom’s Chef/Proprietor Prasad Dhaneshwar is ready to unveil the menu to his customers.


“Chennai is a warm and welcoming coastal metropolitan megacity with a love for food, music, dance, poetry, and culture,” said Prasad.

"It’s a city where the heritage of the past is met with the changing vista of a modern, cosmopolitan outlook. The Colonial Influence is still reflected throughout the city in its architecture, culture, food, and, of course, in the people.”


Prasad went on to explain that the food from the South of India is very different from the rest of the country:

“Coconut, curry leaves, mustard seeds, rice, dal or legumes are cornerstones of Southern Indian cooking. The agricultural region is blessed with a range of produce due to good rains and fertile lands and the proximity to the coast means fresh seafood available throughout the year.”


Gunpowder, Masal, Idli (features, lentils, seeds and spices)

“This is the “Land of Spices”, as reflected in the cuisine. Cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon are some of the important spices used in Southern Indian cooking. It is a truly inspiring region for me to explore through a new tasting menu!”


“I am very excited to showcase this new menu to our customers,” continued Prasad.

“As ever, the evening tasting menu has ten different courses with each dish telling its own story of vibrant spicing. I have incorporated some amazing street-style preparations, such as Thakkali Rasam, Gunpowder Masala Idli, Niligiri Murgh Tikka, a special Mother’s style Sambar, Kongunadu Kozhi Kuzhambu, Coromandel Lamb Curry, King Prawn Thokku, and of course, the Madras Filter Coffee, with my special twist.”


Having noted that all of his street food tasting menus have received “immense love, appreciation and support from our patrons and guests”, Prasad says that his customers love Dhoom for its unique experience of travelling in India through the tastebuds. “We enable them to try authentic Indian street food and India-inspired cocktails.”

“My whole kitchen team, and I, feel that our diners appreciate our hard work, and the focus on the detail, in recreating those experiences for them here in Dunfermline.”


“We very much hope that the guests will show love and support to their 12th journey to Chennai as well, and will cherish this completely different and new experience of the cuisine of the Southern Coast of India.”

Bisibele Bath (a hot stove top lentil dish)

Prasad also explained that his journeys to India “will never end.”


“I will keep going back to the streets of India and looking for something different, something unique and authentic,” he said. “I want to explore as many different regions, and parts of India as possible, to keep bringing back that flavour, that colour, that taste sensation to Dhoom.”


The Chennai Tasting Menu starts at Dhoom on Thursday 25th April and is set to run for some time.

The seven-course lunch menu costs £16.95, the ten-course evening menu costs £28.95.



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Apr 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very excited to have the new menu

Bite Magazine
Bite Magazine
Apr 18
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Can’t wait to try!

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