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Local producers & fine dining restaurant unite in Tobermory.

An Cala Ciùin is located in The Mishnish

Ross Caithness, the chef behind the fine dining Mull restaurant, An Cala Ciùin, located in The Mishnish Hotel on Tobermory's iconic seafront street is paying tribute to two stand-out local suppliers.

Cold smoked salmon from Tobermory Fish Company, just up the road from The Mishnish Hotel (home of the restaurant) crowns one of the canapés for the Taster Menus. This exceptional local produce is combined with confit lemon, cucumber and beetroot gel and served in a crisp savoury cone topped with caviar.

Meanwhile, the ten-year-old heavily peated Ledaig is the local whisky used as a palate cleanser in the Ledaig Sour Sorbet.

 An Cala Ciùin is Mull's newest innovative fine dining restaurant and Ross said:

“Nearly four months in, and our diners and critics have given us fantastic reviews. They’ve been very impressed with our menu which is very much the best of the Island‘s larder on a plate.”
Ross added that one of the best things about being located on the iconic Tobermory seafront is the seafood.
“The langoustines I get from the local fishermen are out of this world! You simple can’t get fresher - it makes all the difference to the finished dish.”
Ross with Sally MacColl from Tobermory Fish Company

Sally MacColl, from the Tobermory Fish Company, said: “We are delighted that Ross enjoys using our smoked salmon – I have tried the canapé and it’s beautiful. We love that Ross is supporting our wonderful larder here on Mull. His imagination is to be commended, and we wish him continued success with An Cala Ciùin.”

Visitor Centre Manager at Tobermory Distillery, Olivier MacLean, said: “Ross must surely take the prize for one of the most unusual uses of our ten-year-old Ledaig. Ross assures us that it works, with the Ledaig containing all the tasting notes he needs to perfectly balance the dish.” 


“The restaurant is doing well attracting attention from the various food critics he has had trying his food, so it’s good news for Tobermory, and its vibrant food and drink producers generally.”


An Cala Ciùin is open Wednesday to Saturday. Lunch is served from 12-2:30 pm and dinner from 5.30-9 pm.

Ledaig Sour Sorbet

Ledaig Sour Sorbet 

  • 40ml Ledaig 10-year-old whisky 

  • 500g caster sugar 

  • 500g water 

  • 325ml sparkling water 

  • 5 ½ lemons (juiced) 

  • 90g egg whites 


In a small pot boil and flame the whisky till the alcohol burns off 

Add the water and caster sugar and bring to a boil then leave to cool 

Mix in the lemon juice and egg whites to sugar syrup

Add the sparkling water and blend

Churn in an ice cream machine and freeze  



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