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  • Ruari Sutherland

Itihaas - Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine in Dalkeith

Assorted Kebab and Shingara

Itihaas is an award-winning restaurant turning out dependable Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine in Dalkeith. It's not quite a destination restaurant, but if you are in the area you can be sure of a decent feed, and one or two menu options which go beyond the standard curry house pantheon.

The ambiance is fresh and comfortable, creating a welcoming environment that complements the warm and attentive service. We are seated at a window table and presented with a generous serving of poppadoms accompanied by a variety of chutneys and pickles.

Digging into the a la carte, we start with the Assorted Kebab and Shingara (a Bangladeshi spiced pastry similar to a samosa). Mixed tikka meats are well-cooked and flavorful, offering a good mix of spices and smoke, while the Shingara is crisp and satisfying.

For the main course, we share the Beef Shatkora, Saag Paneer, and Aloo Gobi. The Beef is the highlight of the meal - tender and toothsome, in a tangy, citrusy sauce that offers a refreshing twist. The paneer is well cooked, with browned crisp edges and a yielding centre, and its accompanying saag is every bit the rich creamy sauce I had hoped for. The Aloo Gobi is a little underwhelming with crunchy cauliflower and a lighter hand on seasoning than I might have liked.

To mop up the sauces, we order Paratha, Peshwari Naan, and Pilau Rice. The Naan is the best of the offerings here - light and delicious with a sweet, nutty filling that eschews the stodgy luminous orange of many of its peers.

Itihaas excels in service and ambiance and offers fresh food at reasonable prices. If you're in Midlothian and in the mood for a curry, It’s a solid choice. 

Itihaas 17/19 Eskbank Rd, Dalkeith EH22 1HD - 0131 663 9800

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