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Dhoom launches Kolkata 10-course Tasting Menu

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

10 course Tasting Menu

Dhoom means noise in Hindu, and this restaurant certainly made a splash when it opened in Dunfermline I’m 2018.

Since then the owner Prasad has developed a family business with a positive vibe. When my family and I visit we are welcomed with music typical of West Bengal and by tempting kitchen aromas.

Cards on the table, I am a fan and Prasad knows me. So on arrival he welcomes me, my partner and the boys and takes us to the ‘rickshaw tables’ where the boys prefer to sit. These traditional passenger carts are a fun part of the dining experience at Dhoom.

This time we are here for the 10-course tasting menu which is a culinary trip to Kolkata. Prasad spent five weeks researching the food, culture and history of all areas between the Howrah Bridge and the Bara Bazar in West Bengal.

The feast starts with two pre-starters, Railway Alu Tikki, a crunchy, light, potato canteen snack, and Tomato Shorba, a warm, spicy soup.

Tomato Shorba

Prasad personally presents the first two starters: Bengalese Fish Fry, a delicious Tilapia fried with mustard fish sauce, “In Bengal we must eat fish '' he says. Then comes another typical street food, Ghunghani Chaat, made of chickpea and potato. This little potato dumpling is a winner with the boys.

Another duo hit the table. Moist Victorian Chicken Tikka covered with mango and tamarind sauce and a Soya Kebab with chilli sauce which is a well-known Hindu dish, little vegetarian circles packed with flavour. The next starter takes us to the busy and lively Bara Bazar, it is a mouth melting Lamb Kebab, well-seasoned and memorable. Finally, the colourful Bengali Chinatown makes an entrance to our table in the form of Mixed Vegetable and Flattened Rice Kebab with chilli garlic sauce. This part of the meal finishes with Haulle, a sweet sphere made of coconut, to dip in mango. The boys really enjoy this typical street food that is available throughout the country.

Lamb Kebab

The main dish is Old Town Fish Curry, full of flavour with the fish breaking easily at the touch of a fork. It is served in a coconut and mustard seed curry sauce, with turmeric rice, curry fries and chapati. My partner orders the Dark Bungalow Chicken, which is cooked in a charcoal-roasted tomato, onion, green chilli ginger and garlic sauce. We share this dish with the boys and they like it. Most of the menu is nut free, dairy free and gluten free, which is perfect for the boys, who are dairy intolerant.

There is something exciting about this Tasting Menu, it awakens the palate with the different flavours of the Bengalese cuisine, a multicultural place which was once the capital of India.

Dhoom, the colourful, mini oasis of Indian Street Food in the centre of the new city of Dunfermline is not to be missed. (V. Maeda).

7 course Indian Street Food Taster Menu £15.99 (12:00-14:00h) and 10 course Indian Street Food Taster Menu £25.99 (14:00 – late), a la carte and Vegan option also available.

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