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Denny's Bakes

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I could never really get behind the cupcake trend – the icing to cake ratio was all off for me, they were altogether too sweet and too messy.

Fortunately, in terms of Instagrammable food fads, the cupcake is dead – long live the cookie!

Delicious, adaptable and less likely to result in icing on the nose, what's not to love?

A real small-business success story, Denny's Bakes only started delivering locally earlier this year and are already supplying several local cafes.

It was so exciting to receive my beautifully packaged cookies and hard to resist scoffing the whole box at once! Striking the balance just right, they are soft, thick and decadent, but not so soft in texture that they lose that definitive cookie crunch.

Denny is ingenious with the flavours too, with new options being created all the time. While my favourites were the M&M's and Kinder Bueno, the Caramac one certainly brought back fond childhood memories of that retro treat.

Recent versions include Red Velvet, Chocolate Orange, Mint Aero, Bounty and Biscoff, so there's something for everyone and always a new flavour to try.

Demand is understandably high. The cookies have been so popular that Denny has had to stop individual deliveries to Edinburgh to focus on cafe orders. So if you aren't lucky enough to live in East Lothian and want to try the best cookies around, you'll have to get along to Tanifiki in Portobello, Baba Rista in Meadowbank, the Wee Green Hut in Haddington or The Strawberry Barn in Dunbar.

Now the word is out, I'd recommend getting there early.

You can find Denny's Bakes on Facebook and Instagram

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