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  • Ruari Sutherland

Backyard Beach Collective, Aberdeen

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Food Stands

Over the weekend I paid a visit to Backyard Beach Collective, a pop-up street food market at Aberdeen’s Codona’s Amusement Park. This concept is a taste of what’s to come for Aberdeen, with organisers David Griffiths and Michael Robertson creating the pop-up to support their larger venture, STAXX.

Backyard Beach Collective has extended their pop-up to continue throughout June, and it’s a must-visit while you can. There’s a buzzing atmosphere and it’s suitable for everyone. Many families with small children were enjoying the pop-up, with plenty of food options for the little ones. As food markets grow in popularity, Backyard Beach Collective would be a welcomed permanent addition to Aberdeen’s dining scene.

I chose to pre-book a table, but walk-ins are available. For peace of mind and to avoid the queue, I would recommend booking.

The Outdoor Bar provided table service only. I appreciated this, with one less thing to carry! Plenty of staff were present and my drink never remained empty for long. I ordered a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri which I would recommend, just the right amount of sweetness without becoming sickly.

Dutch Fries!

The food stands generally change weekly, with some popular vendors featuring more frequently. I opted for ‘Aberdam Dutch Fries’, ‘Botanical Grill’, and ‘Dirty Dogs’.

The fries were a must, having seen them all over my Instagram feed! They lived up to my expectations, achieving both great taste and pleasing aesthetics. The abundant combinations of sauces and seasons created a quirky experience. Everyone around me had created a different concoction! I chose a cone with Peri Peri sauce & Chinese salt and pepper seasoning – delivering a real spicy kick.

From Botanical Grill, we picked up ‘The BBQ Burger’. The burger was hot and meaty, paired with a cool and crisp salad to create the perfect contrast. Plus, it came with a side of nachos, a super generous portion.

From Dirty Dogs, I chose ‘The Dirty Dog’. After tackling the first bite of the giant foot-long hot dog, I was blown away by the flavour. The brioche baguette was a delicious addition.

I wish I could have tried something from every vendor, but I’m already planning a return to Backyard Beach Collective! You can opt for a takeaway too, which can be enjoyed along the Aberdeen Beachfront. Overall, I would recommend taking a trip to this pop-up market while it’s around!

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