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Win authentic Venetian ragu - just like Nonna made.

We all at some point, need a quick fix when it comes to mealtimes. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise on taste. Mrs Bite likes to have some epronto ragu in the cupboard. Stir lamb, beef and venison sauces into pasta or use for recipes such as lasagna, stuffed peppers, shepherd's pie etc. The ragus are the brainchild of the Bianchin family who come from Padova in Italy; they are based on Linda Bianchin's Nonna's Venetian recipes.

Bite has teamed up with epronto so that one reader can win a trio of ragus.

You can enter the competition by clicking the link below and please also tell us if you would like to hear more about news, reviews and competitions from Bite. Just type "yes happy to hear more!" We will not share your data. Closing Date: Friday 24 July 12 noon

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