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Whisky Chat with Colin Hinds from Tipsy Midgie

Colin Hinds


As a whisky "influencer" and owner of an award-winning whisky bar, I am invited to many tastings and events.  Typically, a PR company will invite bloggers and influencers who may have a limited knowledge of whisky. I was at a huge activation (social media speak for a launch party) recently with over 200 guests all of whom were given a dram to photo at the ubiquitous jaunty angle. Most, left their drams untouched once they had captured their snap.

I tried to help ...take the boy out of Glasgow and all that, but there's only so much one Whisky Forager can do! 

I would prefer to see a stronger guest list of grassroots whisky lovers alongside some newcomers and hope PRs take note. 


At Tipsy we love the latest core release from Bruichladdich and admire their progressive approach to sustainability with recycled glass and, a first for the industry, fully recyclable paper pulp packaging moulded to the shape of the bottle. 

Moreover, the whisky is super fresh and bourbon-forward with a hint of the port and Sauternes cask that are used to add a level of complexity. With Port Charlotte's 18-year-old due to be released, we can be assured of a wonderful smoky age statement from the Remy house!


The second release from the Holyrood Distillery is Embra

There have also been inaugural releases from Falkirk, Bonnington (Leith) and the second release from Holyrood (Edinburgh) to bolster the ever-growing Lowland Distillery reputation. 

The 2011 release from Daftmill is the cream of the crop. Daftmill is a single farm estate whisky that has an almost cult-like following. The distillery is at a farm in Fife, and in my opinion, is the very best of the Lowlands. 

With Bladnoch, Annandale, Glenkinchie and so many other distilleries now showcasing innovative and heritage whisky, the Lowlands is an often overlooked region in our whisky map so it is fun to see the region maturing. 

Springtime brings with it festivals galore. In May there is the Spirit of Speyside, Campbeltown festival, Feis Ile (Islay) and of course, one of my favourite gatherings the Bladnoch waterfall party. This year is the fifth and last instalment of the Waterfall release.


 Colin Hinds runs Tipsy Midgie bar at 67 St Leonards Hill - 0131 563 9061

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