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Tigerlily’s new look is unveiled

The new-look Tigerlily

Glow-in-the-dark ducks. Floating on an alcoholic pond – served in one half of a disco ball.

This is Tigerlily’s glitzy, flashy take on a pornstar martini. And a summary of the George Street restaurant’s bold, theatrical makeover. The new look, which follows a 16-year design hiatus, includes, says designer Jim Hamilton:

“iconic furniture and lighting, contemporary Scottish artwork, interesting materials and bespoke locally crafted products that will shape the style and essence of Tigerlily.”

Think, for instance, glittery disco balls hanging among opulent flowers, gold leaves holding back red curtains reminiscent of a theatre and black-and-floral lounge chairs.

“We have created a strong social wrap-around series of booths that interact very closely with the performance aspect of the bar and introduce new brighter, optimistic and colourful elements into the mix,” he continues.

The food itself, too, is presented with a theatrical flair: the waiter lifts the glass lid on my seared beef carpaccio, steam swirling in the process. The disco ball martini, too, is a definite talking point as I fish out a duck and plop it in my glass. The fig and beetroot salad, shared with a flourish, was a definite highlight (mostly because of personal preferences, it must be said).

The refurbished reception area at Tigerlily where you can relax with friends over a cocktail

The menu on a whole includes a delicious selection of mains (Thai green curry, Tandoori-baked sea bass), small plates (Mull of Kintyre soufflé, caramelised parsnip and coconut soup), starters for the table (Malaysian roti bread, chargrilled flatbread, olives) and dessert – we’re eyeing the chocolate praline choux pastry with chocolate ganache, praline cream and toasted hazelnut here.

The idea behind it all is to create an experience – somewhere to go after work or over the weekend, dressed in the finest hooker heels and sequined dress, ready to take on a disco ball cocktail and a sharing plate or three.

Sharing cocktails Mermaid’s Punch and Disco Ball

PS Tigerlily’s facelift is part of owner Montpelier Group’s plan to give four more of their restaurants a makeover: Lulu, Indigo Yard, Candy Bar and Montpelier’s. We’re looking forward to seeing what else they’ll have in store for us.

On the menu The Disco Ball Pornstar Martini


Passion fruit



Prosecco – or upgrade to Champagne

And a couple of duckies


Lightly smoked beef carpaccio Celeriac slaw

Green apple Juniper syrup

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday: 8am to 5am Contact details

125 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4JN

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