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The Tollhouse in Canonmills opens tomorrow!

The Tollhouse at Canonmills

Restaurateur Paul Brennan and Michelin starred chef Stuart Muir will open the doors to their third city restaurant tomorrow at 12 noon

Highlights include :

  • Sited on the shore of the Water of Leith, and near to the Botanical Garden east entrance.

  • Heritage - a historical toll collection point for levies on goods being ferried by boat.

  • Heated terrace and and the view of a natural, peaceful locale.

  • Sip a sundowner such as the cocktail ’ Black Heron‘ named after a local wildlife character and comprising Ketel One Peach & Orange Vodka, Citrus Blend, Activated Charcoal, Organic Clear Apple Juice, Soda. Or perhaps you would prefer Champagne by Charles Heidsieck, the original 'Champagne Charlie'.

  • The restaurant offers private dining (seating up to 10 people)

  • A Water of Leith map is a clever way of sharing a bit more of the story of the city and the space.

  • The menu is developed around seasonal ingredients and offers Scottish dishes with a twist.

  • Michelin-starred owner Stuart Muir, Group Chef Martin Orr and Head Chef Georgios Alexiou have designed the menu and set up a wee outside smokehouse. So if you’re walking on the bridge and your nose gently picks up fragrant smoky notes from the autumn air, you’ll know where to stop for lunch, or dinner

  • Fresh, modern and warm décor.

  • Friendly, professional staff.

The Tollhouse is the latest 'must try' restaurant in the city at: - 50 Brandon Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 5BX - 0131 224 2424

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