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The Campaign Room Bistro at Carberry Tower Mansion House and Estate.

By Sharon Wilson

It's a sign of a good meal when you finish up by asking for the name of the chef. In the case of The Campaign Room Bistro at Carberry Tower Mansion House and Estate, the name is Gregor Kazmierczak. Carberry Tower is a country house hotel discreetly nestling in 35 acres of East Lothian countryside. Chef Gregor cooks classic Scottish dishes presented in a friendly unbuttoned bistro setting. Also available are specials like sausage and mash and favourites such as 'posh' fish n chips. Jumbo onion rings at a neighbouring table catch my eye as they are big enough to hoop a prize at ‘the shows’. Between us, Mr Bite and I scrape six plates clean. Attractive summery starters comprise salmon Gravadlax with creamy fennel and cucumber salad and smoked trout with beetroot and a horseradish cream. Elements of smoke, earth and fire on my plate meld together to make exciting mouthfuls while the flavour of individual ingredients still shine. I loved the way the smoky taste of the top quality fish lingers in my mouth and the fact that there is plenty of beetroot on the plate. Mr Bite chooses hazelnut-crusted lamb rump with chive mashed potato and mint butter while I am delighted to see venison (pan-seared) being served with a blackcurrant sauce. These are solid plates of food with spot-on seasoning and no shortcuts. All elements of our dishes over our three courses are homemade. A plethora of vegetables surround my venison and stand out is a celeriac and raisin salad. I offer Mr B a forkful saying “you will love this.” Raspberry parfait and strawberry cheesecake arrive, and I feel sure I won't be able to manage. Confession time: there is also white chocolate shortbread, real cream and berries and I polish off the lot. The cheesecake across the table, true to form, boasts homemade base, filling and seasonal strawberry sauce. Like our other dishes, it punches above its weight. The Campaign Room Bistro is a hidden gem in a romantic and historic setting. Scottish produce, whether it be food or drink, is sourced locally by the team at Carberry who then create dishes, cocktails, cakes and puddings for your delectation in the bistro, bar, private dining area or stunning gardens. Highly recommended.

The Campaign Room Bistro

Carberry Tower Mansion House,

Carberry Tower Estate,

Musselburgh EH21 8PY

0131 665 3135

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