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Pasta & Wine in Dundas Street

The Artisan Pasta Maker

Collaboration within the hospitality industry has never been more important and a new business model is developing in Dundas Street. Some of you may know Bacco Wine, initially as a wine shop providing locals and Italians with Italian wines it was later scaled up into a wine bar.

A new management (still 100% Italian) revised the menu to include a good selection of cocktails, including the famous Negroni (with a house twist). The atmosphere is always welcoming, with bottles of wine dressing the walls, plants greening the interior and a mini room for more private conversation at the back. Multiple Italian regions are present on a very good wine offer, and prices are accessible.

Next door, the Artisan Pasta Maker recently opened - a little gem that produces fresh pasta daily. Here you can: buy fresh pasta to cook at home; order and collect take away; or order your pasta and eat it at Bacco alongside your favourite Italian wine. The pasta menu offers regional recipes such as Pici alle Briciole or Tortelloni Maremmani, or more commonly known dishes such as lasagne and gnocchi with truffles. They also offer antipasti including panzanella and parmigiana, fritti (fried) such as supplì, mixed fried vegetables or fish, and desserts. Don't miss their board to check the specials of the day.

On my visit, I can’t resist fettuccine (like tagliatelle) ai porcini. The warm dishes arrive directly at our table in Bacco where my friend and I are chatting over our wines. A glass of Verdeca from Puglia for me, citrusy and light and a Morellino di Scansano for her, medium bodied, warming and mildly oaky. The fettuccine has the right consistency and bite, and the sauce which is made of chunky chopped mushrooms, chilli, parmesan and parsley is a delight. You can absolutely taste the freshness of the porcini.

The idea that Alberto (Bacco owner) and Milena (The Artisan Pasta Maker owner) are putting into practice is ingenious and shows how businesses can collaborate to support each other, serve happy customers and ensure they remain profitable.

Next time your feet take you on a wee wander down Dundas Street, stop for a glass of wine and a plate of pasta, a very simple, yet so rewarding pleasure of life. Good quality and friendly service at affordable prices. (E. Vanello)

Bacco Wine

136 Dundas Street, EH3 5DQ

Tue - Sat

The Artisan Pasta Maker

138 Dundas Street, EH3 5DQ

Tue - Sat

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