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Origin Coffee - single-origin coffee that is good for us and good for the planet

Latter Art graduates shar a cuppa

There is something special about a good cup of coffee to get your day going. 

This coffee shop, tucked away on the side street of South College Street, is the latest

addition to the specialty coffee scene in Edinburgh, and it’s called Origin Coffee.

Freshly brewed from Cornwall, they mean business but with a purpose. This is B-Corp-certified, coffee that tastes good and is sustainable. Let’s check them out.

Our host Fraser welcomes me, and heads to the workshop room to set up for the ‘Latte Art’ session, ready to share the tricks of making the perfect latte, something he has over 10 years of experience in.  

Our group is ready; next to me is Natalie, the owner of Disposition Coffee, and

she does well in the latte art, making a beautiful heart. Fraser adds:  “It’s all about the steaming, the pouring, and the timing.”

 I listen and make a... radish. I am a novice so forgiven, and I am into nutrition, so it is a healthy latte art.

The class is finished with a coffee tasting; we are invited to enjoy a cuppa in the café

area. It’s bright and modern with 36 seats. 

Learn how to create a foam heart

I go for Atlas Decaf, beans from Colombia that have gone through a chemical-free sugar cane process, with apple, chocolate, and caramel notes; it’s very smooth. Natalie chooses

Resolute, a Latin American blend with fruity, honey, and chocolate notes. The coffee

is served in Japanese-style cups, and it looks good.

We are here for the beverages, but if you are feeling peckish, they have sweet

and savoury pastries from Fieldwork Café and Company Bakery.

Origin Coffee wants to brew good vibes, an uncomplicated coffee place to hang out,

cool workshops (Latte Art and Specialty Coffee) to attend, and possibly other events. 

So, pop in, say hi, and grab that cup of Joe to get your day going.  (V. Maeda)

Origin - 6-8 S. College Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AA

Open daily 8 am-5 pm

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