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No. 35 at The Bonham- Boozy Snoozy

No. 35 restaurant

I am not sure who came up with the concept of ‘Boozy Snoozy” but the phrase has a ring to it. This lunch offer runs Friday to Sunday ad comprises three courses and a half a bottle of wine.

No. 35 is the restaurant which is part of the boutique Bonham Hotel. Tucked away in leafy, sleepy Drumsheugh Gardens it’s a cocoon of calm. Once inside you feel a world away from the bustle of nearby Haymarket and Princes Street.

The hotel had a multi-million-pound refurbishment just before COVID and is privately-owned.The building's Georgian heritage has been respected but a palette of landscape-inspired greens, mauves, ochres and blues inject a contemporary touch. There are big vases of flowers, chandeliers and an overall polish.

Private Dining

My friend Kate is organising a few events at The Bonham and other friends of mine tied the knot here during COVID. It is a versatile place with a swanky private dining area, bar, library and lounge. I meet Kate in the latter for a coffee then we are seated in the beautiful restaurant which has views overlooking the West End.

We decide on two courses and start with Venison for Kate and Heritage Carrot Panna Cotta for me. When I take my first bite I am unsure of this starter’s merit. However, I soon realise that it is meant to be eaten along with the pink pickled ginger (galangal), salt-baked carrot and puffed black rice. Suddenly the dish hits the mark with salt, hot, sour and sweet sensations all playing their part.

We both want meat for the main course and it’s Ayrshire Pork for Kate (good choice!) and sous vide Flat Iron Steak for me. The server tells me that it is cooked to 52 degrees so it's just the way I like it - red and juicy. Kale is crisp, Chimichurri is aromatic, King Oyster mushroom is meaty. Duck fat 'roasties'

Flat Iron Steak and Ayrshire Pork Belly

and green beans on the side all add up to a satisfying, tasty meal. It turns out I know the operations manager who used to own the California-themed and much-missed, Calistoga restaurant. He selects a fab Pinot Noir to complement my steak.

Kate is equally happy with her food throughout. We have another coffee and finish putting the world to rights.

Lots of reasons to return to The Bonham, not least to explore that list of martinis I spotted on the cocktail menu. (S. Wilson)

No 35 at The Bonham Hotel, 35 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh, Eh3 7RN - 0131 226 6050

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