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"I want to be the Krispy Kreme of the croissant world!"

By Sharon Wilson

Raspberry Fusion

Fighting talk from Cameron Felstead, the dude behind 'Crazy Croissant.'

Monty, who runs Leith Walk Police Box, invited me to meet Cameron who will be selling his topped and filled pastries from 'The Tardis', next Thursday October 29.

Leith Walk Police Box is one of 85 boxes designed by city architect Ebenezer Macrae between 1931 and 1933. Now it is a street venue that welcomes foodie pop-ups, entrepreneurs, campaigners and creatives.

Monty and Cameron

I went along for a sneak preview of the croissants and Cameron told me: "I first came up with the idea for Crazy Croissant about a year ago. I was playing around with the idea of having a cafe that made Fresh pastries daily in front of the customers. I have a knack for making croissants and realised that there wasn't a wide variety in croissant fillings and toppings. So I started experimenting with unique and "crazy" toppings and fillings. My goal is for Crazy Croissant to become the Krispy Kreme of the Croissant world."

Mrs Bite is more than happy to support anyone bringing delicious French pastries to Edinburgh.

Fillings and toppings are:

Strawberry Delight

• filled with strawberry jam and topped with dark chocolate, strawberry pieces and icing sugar.

Raspberry Fusion

• Filled with raspberry jam and topped with white chocolate, raspberry pieces and icing sugar.

Gooey Caramel

• Plain croissant with gooey salted caramel and milk chocolate topping.

A Little Bit Nutty

• Plain croissant with a honey coating topped with pistachio nuts, hazelnuts and icing sugar.

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

• Filled with Nutella and topped with dark chocolate, hazelnuts and icing sugar.

Cameron Felstead will be selling his croissants at Leith Walk Police Box Thursday 29 October.

Leith Walk Police Box welcomes pop-ups

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