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Dhoom Indian Streatery - Mumbai Menu

Mumbai Tasting Menu

Another phenomenal taster menu has just been launched by the team at Dhoom Indian Streatery and Bar in Dunfermline.

Chef/Owner Prasad has completed his latest street food research trip, this time to Mumbai, the largest city in India, and a city where world-famous street food is virtually a religion! The centre of the Bollywood film industry, with a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Mumbai is notable for its many food markets, along with the iconic landmark that is the Gateway of India.

Since its launch in 2018, multi-award-winning Dhoom has brought the tastes, flavours and sensations of Indian street food to Scottish diners.

Patron, Prasad’s exploration of Mumbai cuisine follows the recent Kolkata menu. Seven regions of India have been showcased in innovative tasting menus including New Delhi which saw the Delhi Six menu.

The new ten-course Mumbai taster Menu is full of delicious dishes which are the result of Prasad’s research. Starters such as Bamba Batat Vada from the Dadar Train Station, Sweet Corn Bhel from the Wankhede Cricket Stadium, and Chickpea Kotlet, famous chickpea cutlets from the old Parsi Colony, make clear references to the Mumbai places where they are traditionally found. Dhoom’s Schezwan Fish Fry, is an example of a fish fry from the Badra Worli Sea link, whilst the Mulberry Chicken Tikka takes diners to the silk farms of Mahabaleshwar. Included as a palate cleanser in the Taster Menu is Haulle Haulle, a delicious morsel inspired by the famous oranges of Nagpur.

With nine different main courses to choose from, including fish, chicken, lamb, vegetable and goat curries, this incredible new menu offers both variety and authenticity. Kokum Fish Curry is a Mumbai-style Kokum and coconut Curry – Kokum is a fruit, related to the mangosteen, which is native to India. It is tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves to create a tastebud-tingling dish. Konkani Lamb Curry is a speciality of the Kookan Region on the coast, with Bambai Bhaji, offering mixed vegetables cooked in Mumbai-style bhaji masala.

Such is the status of Mumbai as a truly inspirational street food City, Prasad has also introduced his “Tiffin Station” menu which references the emotional and practical significance attached to the simple metal Tiffin Box, or Dabba, as it’s also known.

Tiffin Menu

Used to transport home-cooked food to schools and places of work, and for those not so fortunate to have family members providing them with a daily Dabba, the Dabbawala Army originated in the 1890s to provide this vital service straight into places of work, and to Mumbai’s poorest and most disadvantaged residents. Daddawala Army members still don a distinctive white garb with an iconic Gandhi cap.

With a pre-starter of Kala Channa Tikki, inspired by the famous Mumba Devi temple, the Tiffin Centre Dabba Menu then goes on to offer two different starters – choose from Chicken 65 Chat or Chickpea Kotlet. For the main course, tuck into a “home-style” Dabba vegetable, fish, chicken or vegan curry. All Dabba Curries are served in distinctive tiffin boxes with rice and Indian bread.

The whole Dabba experience, which is available now, costs £20.95 per person.

2023 is once again proving successful for Dhoom in terms of industry awards and recognition, with the Streatery having been recognised by the AA for its superb cuisine.

Dhoom Indian Streatery - 19-25 New Row, Dunfermline KY12 7EA - 01383 223240

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