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Christmas Quiz 2020

By Rachel Edwards

1. What seasonal spice comes from the same tree as mace?

2. What alcohol is traditionally added to eggnog?

3. This year’s Bake Off had a dramatic start when Sura accidentally knocked Dave’s pineapple cakes to the floor. But which of these Bake Off scandals never happened?

a) a contestant used someone else’s custard to make trifle

b) judge Prue tweeted the winner before the show aired

c) a contestant removed someone else’s ice cream from the freezer

d) viewers complained about a squirrel cake with overt genitalia

4. Acorn, sugar, butternut and spaghetti are all types of which wintry food?

5. Match the chef(s) to the cookbook:

a. Nigella Lawson

i. One Pot Wonders

b. Two Fat Ladies

ii. The Naked Chef

c. Jamie Oliver

iii. Full Throttle

d. Hairy Bikers

iv. Good Food Fast

6. Italian-Americans may celebrate Christmas Eve with a Feast of Seven types of what?

7. In July, Deliveroo revealed the most popular lockdown dishes ordered around the country. What topped Edinburgh’s list?

a. Pad Thai from ting thai Caravan

b. Chicken katsu curry from Wagamama

c. Big Mac from McDonalds

d. Fish supper from Alba d’Oro

8. Glühwein and bratwurst are favourites at the German Christmas market, but what sweet holiday treat do Germans call “lebkuchen”?

9. Which UK city made the most baking related searches during lockdown?

10. What two ingredients make the favourite Christmas canape Devils on Horseback?

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