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Bross Bagels announce brand new ‘BROSS StrEAT

Sharon Wilson

Bross Bagels announce the brand new ‘BROSS StrEAT’ - a container

within the courtyard area of Leith Arches.

Situated in front of the arches this will be a permanent residence for Leith Bross Bagels open Saturday 27th June and daily from 10am-4pm 7 days a week.

The concept arose from a love of street food and an adaption to the new norm.

Look forward to bagels like the ‘Big Apple’, ‘Parm’, ‘Buanono’, ‘GNC’, ‘The Goy’ and ‘The Morning Glory Hole’.

There will be a socially- distanced takeaway with kerbside pick-ups, grab and go as well as an outdoor seating area within the courtyard, adhering to government guidelines and health and safety measures.

Owner of Bross Bagels, Larah Bross comments ahead of the launch of

Brossstreat: “We as a team are always looking for new ways to grow and adapt

as a business especially during these times. The concept of BROSS StrEAT is to

focus on everything with a street food vibe throughout. This has always been a

love of mine, so I’m really excited to see how this brand new chapter for Bross

Bagels evolves and what the future holds for us.”

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