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Blendly - create your own coffee.

By Sharon Wilson

Who could resist coffee that goes by the name of 'Bum groove Beanery'?

Mrs Bite bought a kilo of these Italian dark roast beans from Scottish commercial roaster and blender, Blendly.

Previously only available to the hospitality trade the company pivoted during Lockdown to offer domestic coffee fans the opportunity to create bespoke blends.

Started in 2016 by Mark Wilson, Blendly was set up to allow restaurant and coffee shop owners, the chance to access the green coffee bean market. He describes Blendly as a one-stop, online coffee roasting and blending service which puts the Barista not a coffee salesman - at the heart of a business.

Now domestic customers can purchase coffee blends created by baristas and café customers or design their own. Well known High Street coffee shop brands can also be matched. The website has a repository of blends which can be shared with QR codes or referral links: "People are always looking out for products that reflect their character and personality" said, Mark.

Individual purchases can be made, or you can opt for the subscription service – Barista Home, from £4.99 per month. Commercial plans start at £12.99 per month. Mark said, "We feel that online accessing of artisan food and drink products are here to stay. Some people are not keen to venture out to supermarkets any time soon, due to concern over the spread of COVID19."

Blendly's Regional eProcurement manager, Johnathan Gray, explains how the business is helping charities. The company has been working with organisations like Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland to help them launch their own blends.

"Once these blends go live, they will be available to purchase online throughout Scotland, the UK and most of the EU, to help support the many services and good work they do."

"We believe coffee is a big part of the community. We call it the Blendly marketplace, and it can have a very positive social impact. We are now being approached by national companies that are looking to build coffee into their communities in this way," added Johnathan.

He finished by saying that as the hospitality industry rebounds, Blendly would continue to help this sector: "It's a very exciting time for our company that buys coffee beans and uses technology, to ensure that one of the world's greatest commodities is transparently available to all."

As for Mrs Bite's Bum groove. The verdict is that the beans smell divine and deliver on taste too. Dark and strong but also full-bodied, smooth and creamy without any harshness.

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