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Bistro du Vin - Indulge in the Giant Profiterole at the Edinburgh French Restaurant

The Giant Profiterole

One of the last Christmas meals I had with my family at a gastro pub was summed up on a table card in three words: salmon, turkey, and cheese. Words now freighted with emotional resonance. 

I had another ‘what3words’ menu moment at Bistro du Vin where I tasted the new a la carte menu on a rainy summer evening in May. Oysters, lamb, and chocolate describe a classic French meal centred around three revered foods.  

The French adore ‘Le Chocolat’; a guild of chocolate makers was established in Bayonne in 1761 and their love of cacao has expressed itself every since delicacies like pain au chocolate, eclairs, pot au chocolat, ganache, truffles, gateaux and profiteroles which brings us to Chef Ian Connor at Bistro du Vin.

He has created a puffball-sized profiterole as a showstopper ‘pud’.

Executive Chef Ian Connor

When it arrives as the finale to our meal it is a dish fit for a bride and groom and nearly had my dining partner Eleonora proposing to Chef. Scoops of vegan vanilla ice cream inside a golden choux pastry coated in snappy chocolate and a pouring dish of warm chocolate sauce. Chocolate is Valhrona Nyangbo 68% Ghanaian Grand Cru. It coats the mouth and the flavour lingers as it melts to body temperature; a characteristic of quality chocolate. It is an outrageous indulgence of an unforgettable joy-inducing dessert. 

Rewind to our starter of half a dozen Cumbrae Oysters bursting with a fresh briny blast of the Scottish west coast.  We devour them with a traditional vinegar shallot dressing and a couple of dots of Tabasco. 

For the main course, I have Spiced Rump of Lamb with couscous, lemon and tahini yoghurt; a dish combining the North African influence in French cuisine. The spring meat is cut into tender pink noisettes, another old-school classic that seems to have disappeared from Edinburgh menus. The softly steamed couscous and sharp beads of sour pomegranate work well. Eleonora has a Fillet of Sea Bass with pipérade, pesto and fennel.  Typical Provencal ingredients but she thinks the sauce overpowers the fish slightly and could be more delicately applied 

We sip a bottle of CÔTES DE PROVENCE Château Gairoird Rosé, France [Organic] which is pale pink, limpid and tasting of the herbaceous scorched scrubland of Le Midi along with red berries and white peach. Ooooh la la.. 

So in short we had a gastronomic night out tasting classic French food at Bistro du Vin. It hit the spot and as for that giant profiterole, everyone should experience it. (S. Wilson)

Bistro du Vin at Hotel Du Vin, 11 Bristo Pl. Edinburgh EH1 1EZ.

Open everyday 

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