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What’s In Season – Oat No You Don’t!

Picture from Simon Howie

I’ve been looking back to 2003 to see which Edinburgh restaurants have stood

the test of time.

Some favourites are no longer part of our culinary scene, but a few have kept us well-fed over the years. They may have changed their name to MUMS, but Monster Mash Cafe opened 21 years ago on Forrest Road serving various bangers with mash; they also did a rather good rendition of Shepherd’s Pie, if memory serves me.

Another stalwart is La P’tite Folie. Now over in the West End of the city, Virginie’s slice of France used to be on Frederick Street. I’ve had many excellent lunches there over the years, and I am pleased to say their set lunch menu still offers the same quality and value for money today; it’s one of Bite’s

favourite haunts.

Prestonfield House, on the outskirts of town, was taken over by Witchery

owner, James Thomson in the same year. A fab place for afternoon tea, and a

wander 'round the grounds spotting peacocks and heiland coos.

There are several new places to nosebag this year. PIGGS will be opening up in Bruntsfield. This will be Iggy’s second spot and I, for one, can’t wait. The Spanish Butcher is taking up residence on North Castle Street, and Dan

Ashmore is striking out on his own with Askr (old Nordic for Ash) in Leith. It looks like 2024 is going to be pretty exciting; celebrating Bite’s birthday year in style, methinks.

On another note… I was told never to discuss religion or politics. I am going to have to break that rule and have a rant about a Scot Gov putting our beloved and traditional staple on a junk food list that will be subject to a

promotions ban – PORRIDGE! This has caused a huge stramash, especially with Bite writers! The government has been forced to clarify it's only processed products using porridge oats would be included. Does that mean oatcakes

and haggis is on that list? Well pardon my French, but fuck that!

My WiS recipe is me sticking two fingers up to the politicians!

WTF Haggis and Cheese Toastie!

  • 2 slices of bread per person (preferably bread made with oats)

  • Haggis

  • Cheddar cheese, I like a strong Isle of Mull

  • Soft butter

  • Condiment of choice, optional


  • Spread haggis over one slice of bread, as thick or as thin as you like.

  • Top haggis with cheese, grated or sliced, your choice.

  • Add your favourite condiment, pickle, or chutney if you fancy.

  • Top with another slice of bread.

  • Lightly butter the bread and throw into a hot frying pan or toasty machine.

  • Weight down if you want.

  • Flip over when golden.

  • Serve with a salad if you’re feeling guilty, but I’d be chomping away muttering fuck the politicians after each mouthful!

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