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Pizza Geeks

80s inspired interior

This trio of city pizza houses is owned by a former oil rig worker Patrick Ward who wanted to pursue his twin passions for fresh, hand-made Neapolitan-inspired pizzas and gaming. 

I met Vivian in the latest Easter Road location which joins Leith (The Mothership) and Dalry  (The Tardis). 

This latest venture’s interior draws on 80’s nostalgia, featuring gaming to movies, 8-bit graphics, blockbuster vibes and a nod to 80s-influenced shows like Stranger Things. Fun fact: Patrick’s dog is called Chewbacca.

I immediately loved Geeks as it took me back to my student dive bar days. It’s a no-frills environment with a cook station in the corner where you can watch Chef John assemble and fire the pizzas. We think Michael J. Fox would approve of the pizzas too. 

I plump for The Chorizado: tomato base, mozzarella, chorizo, black pudding, fresh chillies & hot honey, while Viv chooses The Flower Power Mario: tomato base, Vegan mozzarella, vegan pepperoni, mushrooms & fresh basil and The Wildling (this one is Vegetarian): garlic rosemary oil base, spinach, goat’s cheese, butternut squash & sweet chilli jam. 

It's a short but perfectly tempting menu with vegetarian and vegan options. Ditto the three beers on tap and a new selection of 80s fun, colourful cocktails containing ingredients such as Amaretto, Kahlua, and Midori. Our barman mocks up a tail on the spot for Vivian which he names Cuddle on the Beach. 

Prices are keen, pizza is tasty, and we would go back to the Geeks. 

Bite contributor Vivian Maeda with pizzas galore

Cocktails are £5 Monday - Wednesday and a Monday night sees an eat-all-the-pizza-you-can for £15 deal. John tells us the record is six! In true geeky fashion, he also tells us that the moisture content of the dough at Pizza Geeks is 80% (standard is around 67%); this makes the dough extra stretchy resulting in Geek’s houses-style leopard spotted pizzas. 

Pizzaiolo John is also heartfelt about the Geek’s Pizza for the People initiative; they have given over 40,000 pizzas to people in need.

We need two doggy bags for the leftovers from our three pizzas but in true Geeks style, Vivian gives one to a homeless person. 

Pizza Geeks - 126 Easter Rd, Edinburgh EH7 5RJ - 0131 202 9306

Opening times: Sunday - Thursday noon-9.30 pm; Friday & Saturday noon-9.30 pm.

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