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Scottish Family-Run Business Extends Product Offering with Aldi Scotland

A new range of Millions products from the Greenock brand is officially on sale

Sandra Fisher, Sales & Marketing Director and Kenny Malcolm, Warehouse & Distribution Manager

Greenock-based confectionary company Golden Casket has extended its range of Millions sweets with long-time partner Aldi Scotland, with five new products hitting the shelves.

Aldi, which was named the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket 2021 and 2022, launched the iconic Iron Brew Squishies in store on 25 June, along with the Strawberry Bubblegum Squishies, Ice Triangles, Millions Chews, Cola Babies and Fizzy Cola Babies.

The sweet treats will be sold as Specialbuys, priced at just 99p, and will be available at the retailer’s 104 Scottish stores while stock lasts.

Douglas Rae formed what would become Golden Casket back in 1959, initially as a limited company to market confectionery. Many acquisitions later, the company evolved into a manufacturer, and the site at Fort Matilda, Greenock was purchased in 1971.

Under the Golden Casket umbrella there any many brands, most recognisably £OnePounders and Buchanan’s. It was in 1991 that Golden Casket launched a new product range named ‘Millions’, the brainchild of the late Douglas Rae. Millions, the tiny, tasty chewy sweets, available in several different fruit flavours, became an instant success and a favourite with children and adults alike.

Today, the award-winning Millions brand is recognised worldwide and is constantly creating new flavours and new pack innovations. From the limited edition Millions Minions Banana flavour to mini dispensing machines to a range of car air fresheners inspired by the Millions characters, the expansion and creativity of the brand is limitless.

Sandra Fisher, Sales and Marketing Director, Golden Casket said: “I joined the Golden Casket family in 1992 and I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the team behind the success of Millions, which is always an absolute joy to work on.
“Over the last few years, like many companies, new product development had to be placed on the back burner but now we’re back and better than ever, with updates and rebrands being rolled out across our entire portfolio. We’ve improved some of the Millions packaging and added to our Millions Jelly Baby range with Cola Babies, which we’re thrilled to be launching in Aldi stores across the country.”
Sandra continued: “We’ve been working with Aldi Scotland since 2011, launching Millions in their stories in 2016, and the level of support and encouragement we’ve received from them over the years has been fantastic.
“Golden Casket has always attributed its success to the dedication and passion of its committed staff, from Douglas Rae’s children and grandchildren who are proudly continuing his legacy at the helm of the business to the many staff who have served the business for numerous years.
“In an industry that is fast changing through advancements in technology, we’ve always found the Aldi Scotland buying team to have the same ‘people first’ approach we value. To this today, they take the time and effort to visit our Greenock site, meet the team and actually taste the sweets! It’s a partnership we truly cherish.”

Graham Nicolson, Group Buying Director, Aldi Scotland said: “Golden Casket is one of Scotland’s great food success stories, having grown from small starts to establish itself as the largest, and one of the most successful, confectionary companies in Scotland.
“Extending the product range of the hugely successful Millions brand is just another step forward in our championing of top-tier Scottish produce, as we remain committed to supporting local suppliers who bring quality products to the shelves.
“We’re excited to share the new range with customers across Scotland as sweet treat for the whole family to enjoy.”

Millions are available across all 104 Aldi stores for just 99p while stock lasts. You can find your nearest Aldi store here.  

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