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Room With A View - dining in a bubble

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

By Sharon Wilson

Overlooking the Firth of Forth

Room With A View must be a contender for Fife Riviera’s most scenic spot. Meander down the path from Aberdour to the coast, and the restaurant sits below Hawkcraig Cliffs.

Mr Bite and I arrive on a glorious sunny day. Looking up, we can pick out a group of climbers abseiling down the rocks. The day is full of colour; sapphire sea, cyan sky, the bold red, blue and white of the climber’s helmets, electric yellow gorse and a sharp green lawn. Days like this are few and far between in bonnie Fife.

Lundin Gin

We have booked a translucent bubble tent in the garden for Sunday lunch with friends. Liz is sipping a Lundin Gorse Gin from a distillery further up the coast, and I have gorse flowers stuck to me as I fell from my bike into a bush en route. An awkward kerb and temporary loss of balance resulted in a prickly but harmless fall. I order a gin to soothe me; any excuse.

Lobster Bisque

Room With A View is such a gem; I think twice about writing a review. The setting is idyllic ; drinks lists are excellent, as is the seafood menu. They could charge a pretty penny but don’t.

Warmed bun and butter are devoured before Lobster Bisque arrives rich with heavy cream and chorizo oil. Smoked paprika, stock, seasoning and what we deduce to be daintily chopped tarragon are in the mix. Dipped spoons elicit utterances of “Oh God that’s delicious”.

Fish 'n' Chips

We have pre-ordered three courses, and when Fish ‘n’ Chips x 2, Seafood Paella, and Haddock in Herby Batter Pancake with Chive Sauce, Bacon Mash and Poached Egg arrive, we realize an immense effort is

needed. Albarino, Chardonnays, and Inverkeithing Ale help pave the way for Frangipane Tart with White Chocolate Ice-Cream, Chocolate Delice, Yoghurt Panna Cotta.

There are lots of nooks and crannies in the garden; a lover’s seat below a bough, a scattering of benches and hidden tables, a terrace where Mr Bite and I have enjoyed tea and scones of an afternoon.

Haddock in a Herby Pancake Batter

Wander up the hill to the car park, and a little further to the right is the Silver Sands Golf Course. On the left is a Norman church St. Fillan’s, and we wind amongst the stones noting hourglasses, skull and crossbones, and trade symbols on some of the old graves.

If you are journeying from Edinburgh and want to drink, the rail station is just another 5 minutes away. You can expect superb food and beverages at Room with a View and even book a lift from the train station. The sunshine depends on luck.

Frangipane Tart, White Chocolate Ice-Cream

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