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Last festival Fion pop-up - Corpinnat

Corpinnat means born in the heart of Penedès.

Miguel Crunia of Fion Wines explains: "We Spaniards like to complicate things. First, we pushed you to drink Cava over Champagne and, now, we lead you towards drinking Corpinnat instead of Cava." He continues to explain that back in 2019, a simmering dispute among Cava producers rose to a boil when nine of its most prestigious producers abandoned the denomination as they were dissatisfied with its failure to stick up for their territory, They decided to take action and opted to use their own label using a new, quality-focused & terroir-driven term: CORPINNAT (the heart of Penedés). You can find more info on the website here.

Wednesday, August 30th - not to be missed!

OR you can hear the full story from Miguel Crunia at their last wine pop-up of the festival at radiCibus on Wednesday 30th August. You will also taste the premium sparkling wines of Corpinnat. Fion will also be pouring other whites and reds to celebrate the final of the festival and summer.

Miguel Crunia was recently voted #14 in Harper's Top 25 sommeliers and is fast making a name for himself as a sommelier specializing in Atlantic Wines. His absolute focus is on unearthing emerging wines from lesser-known regions and smaller producers who work with and have respect for the land, traditions, and sustainability of wine production which is inevitably lost in mass production. Opening from 3 pm until 12 am. Walk-ins are welcomed but booking in advance is advisory. BOOKINGS:

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