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Experience a wonderful new world where nothing is as it seems with Six by Nico’s latest menu

Updated: May 10, 2023

An apple a day

'A World of Imagination’ invites guests on an immersive culinary experience.

From the 22nd of May Six by Nico is inviting guests to his whimsical new world where nothing is as it seems with his new six course tasting menu: A World of Imagination.

Transporting guests back to a nostalgic childhood, Chef Nico Simeone and team have created an experience where each dish plays in the theme of games, sayings and nursery rhymes.

Highlights include

Heads Or Tails - Pork Jowl, Sweet & Sour Gherkin & Jalapeno, OxTail, Cep Mushroom & Wild Garlic

An Apple A Day - Liver Parfait, Burnt Granny Smith Apple, Sherry & Shallot

Smoke & Mirrors - Smoked Hasselback Potato, Aged Cheddar Royale, Barbecue Leek, Bonito Beure Blanc

Nico Royale - Crispy Coley, Smoked Tomato Compote, Saffron Emulsion, Black Sesame & Braised Gem

What Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg - Breast Of Chicken, Egg Yolk Cacio É Pepe, Crispy Leg, Pickled Celeriac & Roast Chicken Cafe Au Lait

Baa Baa - Black Rum Baba, Perthshire Blackberries, Cassis & Yoghurt Ice Cream & “Sheeps Wool” Candy Floss

Baa Baa

Andy Temple, Chief Creative Officer at Six by Nico Restaurants said: "At Six by Nico, releasing an innovative new menu is not just about introducing new dishes, it's about inviting our guests on a culinary journey that stimulates their senses, challenges their palates, and leaves a lasting impression on their memories. We’re so excited to invite everyone into our very own world of imagination.” The menu is priced at £39 per person at restaurants across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen with the option to enjoy an expertly selected wine and specialist drinks pairing for an additional £30 at each restaurant.

Pork Jowl, Sweet & Sour Gherkin & Jalapeno, OxTail, Cep Mushroom & Wild Garlic;

As always, there is a vegetarian alternative available for every course. Six By Nico have also recently introduced the option to experience the full menu, vegan or vegetarian – with tasty alternatives including Nico Royale - Crispy Halloumi, Smoked Tomato Compote, Saffron Emulsion, Black Sesame and Braised Gem. Diners can book a table now to discover the wonderfully whimsical ‘A World of Imagination’ food experience, which will run for six weeks from May 22nd – 2nd July, from noon to night. Bookings are now open for all restaurant locations (Aberdeen, Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London Fitzrovia, London Canary Wharf and Manchester) and can also be made online here:

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