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Edinburgh restaurant launches 'Feast of Scotland' tasting menu

A top Edinburgh restaurant has launched a new ‘Feast of Scotland’ tasting menu.

Cannonball Restaurant on Castlehill, opposite Edinburgh Castle, has designed the new six-course meno which will change monthly and showcase seasonal local produce.

This month features Peterhead Plaice, Shetland Mussels, Highland Red Deer, North Sea Monkfish and cheese and honey from the Borders.

Produce from the Contini Kitchen Garden on the outskirts of Edinburgh will also feature throughout the year.

Vegetarians can choose from their own six course menu featuring seasonal ingredients

Cannonball owner, Carina Contini, said the new menu offers an opportunity to experience seasonal Scottish food in one of Edinburgh’s most iconic settings. She said:

“We love showcasing this truly beautiful building. Enjoy cocktails in our bar before dinner and then take in the stunning views upstairs and enjoy six beautifully balanced dishes, available with matching wines. It’s a very special, relaxed and great value evening out.

“We work with over 60 artisan producers and we wanted to give them a stage to show what they can do. The tasting menu is a journey across Scotland sharing how wonderful our produce is. It is a great way to get a sense of our natural larder, according to the seasons.

“Everything we serve at Cannonball has been grown, raised or caught in Scotland and we are incredibly proud of that”, said Carina.

The tasting menu begins with an amuse bouche, homemade bread and whipped butter and a 10 year old Glengoyne whisky to prepare the way for the feast of Scotland ahead. A specially selected drinks pairing is available with each course.

For more information on Cannonball Restaurant and to make a booking, visit

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