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Coming up roses at Jack O' Bryan's for Valentine's Day.

Updated: Feb 12

With Valentine's Day the perfect time to indulge your loved one with a special meal out, Jack Coghill, Head Chef at Jack O'Bryan’s Bar & Kitchen in Dunfermline, has added two special additions to his existing menu, to celebrate the day of love.


As well as mastering every section of the kitchen, Jack is also a skilled pastry chef and chocolatier, with his visually stunning desserts and chocolates, made fresh on the premises, a real talking point at the restaurant.  


The first new taste sensation is a stunning dessert, entitled “Champagne & Roses”, consisting of a rose petal mirror glazed forced rhubarb mousse, tempered white chocolate, mini sugar doughnut, and Champagne Sorbet.


The second is a tempting, and very sensual, “Porn Star Martini” chocolate - inspired by the popular cocktail and featuring flavours of passion fruit and vanilla.


Jack’s chocolate collection features beautifully decorated chocolates in a range of flavours, such as After Dine Mint, Passionfruit Caramel, and Pistachio.

The chocolates can be purchased, boxed in sleek and sophisticated black packaging, from the restaurant, with customers choosing their selections from a glass cabinet on the bar.


“Jack’s Chocolate Box” is a popular option on the menu. A choice of four or six of Jack’s handmade chocolates are presented to the customer in a novel wooden presentation box. Keeping it all in the family, the box was made for Jack by his great-uncle Neville. Accompanied by a hot drink, Jack’s Chocolate Box is the perfect way to round off any meal at Jack O’ Bryans in style!


“We can't wait for Valentine's Day,” said Jack, “With the new dessert special, inspired by the rose, the most romantic of all flowers, and my passion fruit cocktail chocolate, we are ready to offer couples an unforgettable meal in the most intimate of surroundings.” 

 “If you want to spread the love throughout the year, we also have our Jack O’Bryans gift vouchers available too.”


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