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Chateau-X: One thing, done well

Chateaubriand for Two

Glasgow’s favourite purveyors of reasonably priced steak popped up in Edinburgh this week.

The Chateau-X concept is the brainchild of Six by Nico founder, Nico Simeone, well known for offering exceptional food experiences at affordable prices. However, in every other way, this couldn’t be more different to the varied dishes and ever-evolving menus of Six by Nico. The idea behind Chateau-X is a simple one: one thing, done well (or rare, or medium, of course).

Originally started during lockdown, Chateau-X was part of the HOME-X meal delivery service, but now has its own restaurant in Finnieston, Glasgow, which has been so successful, there are no doubt plans to expand.

Perfect for the indecisive, the main is Aged Beef Chateaubriand for Two; so the only decisions required are which sides and sauces will go with it. As well as the usual Skinny Fries, there are some interesting options for sides, including Heirloom tomato Panzanella Salad, XO Broccoli with cashew & sesame dressing, and Roasted Pumpkin with parmesan & red pepper Trapanese pesto.

However, I eschewed the vegetables on this occasion and opted for the Truffle Mac & Cheese, as I always enjoy the rich creaminess as an accompaniment to steak. A la Six by Nico, there are also ‘snacks’ to start, like Cumbrae Oysters and Mozzarella Burrata. Our medium-cooked chateaubriand arrived with its sides, plus the traditional garnishes of roasted tomato, watercress and flat cap mushrooms. The meat looked the part and certainly did not disappoint, just the right amount of smoky, charcoal flavour around the edge and juicy, pink meat at the centre. (Writing about it now, I want to eat it all over again.) The only slight disappointment was a Hebridean Blue Cheese Sauce that was lacking in blue cheesiness, but it was a minor black mark against an overall excellent meal.

Ingeniously, a softserve ice cream cone is the dessert option, served with chocolate sauce and candied almonds, a nice light way to finish, and easy to transport if you spent too long over your steak and have to rush to a show.

It is now confirmed that Chateaux X will be ‘popping up’ at Six by Nico every Tuesday throughout August, so after a day of comedic hits and misses at the Fringe, you can at least be sure dinner will get rave reviews. When: Every Tuesday in August. Where: Six By Nico, 97 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ How much? Chateaubriand for Two £35 (sides and sauces extra)

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