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Chaoprayha – top Thai dining.

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Classic Starter Selection

I once gathered a group of ‘Biters’ to ‘Dine in the Sky’. We were hoisted by a crane to hover over Princes Street Gardens for a meal and glass of vino. I was so busy coordinating things that I completely forgot about my vertigo until I was ‘up’. One of the few times in my life my appetite has failed me.

If you desire to dine amongst the clouds, can I suggest the solidity of Chaoprayha?

I met Kerry there for a catch up after …. ooh a year …. except for that time, we popped our heads up post lockdown one and drank too much Prosecco at the launch of Bross Bagels at Waverley.

Selection of mains

Chaoprayha has outdoor terraces with heaters which meant we could drink wine before May 17. The cheapest bottle is a Bespoke Chenin Blanc, Western Cape, South Africa, which complements Thai. Yes, I know you are supposed to do Riesling or Gewürztraminer and I know it is de rigueur to pick the second cheapest bottle on the list but I can recommend this Chenin as being very ‘gluggable’.

The cocktail list is special too featuring tempting libations such as Tom Yum Siam: Lone Wolf Vodka, Coconut Rum, Lychee, Chilli & Lime, but this wasn’t a night for revering the mixologist. I can return for that. This was a catch up with a pal for, wine, tasty food and gossip.

Thai Green Curry

Views of the skyline, the Forth and Nic Wood’s rooftop terrace provide talking points should you need some.

The Classic Starter Selection commences the set menu (£35 pp). Research has shown (or was it a BBC ‘lifestyle’ programme) that you eat more at a buffet. Humans like to graze and we like variety. Perhaps this is why Kerry and I demolished chicken tacos, chicken satay, chicken spring rolls, tempura prawns and spicy duck salad without blinking.

The theme continues with main courses comprising three dishes and pudding with three scoops of ice-cream or sorbet. I will order sesame ice cream on every consecutive visit, I am sure. This is top-notch chow.

Service is super friendly and Kerry chats to the waiter and also butters him up to extract free prawn crackers. That's my girl.

The restaurant’s website informs me that Thai cooking attempts to balance salty, sweet, sour and spicy flavours. A rule of thumb which again makes me want to return to sip cocktails amongst the rooftops.

Chaoprayha is quite simply one of Edinburgh’s top destinations.

Prawn Crackers

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