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Bross Bagels launches nocturnal menu ‘dark side of the hole’!

By Sharon Wilson

Bross Bagels has launched a delivery and collection menu ‘dark side of the hole’ available from new premises on Portobello High Street every Friday and Saturday 6-10pm. The service will operate within a 2-mile radius of the premises in a safe socially-distanced way.

Dishes from the new menu include favourites like Hot Bagels and Pizza Bagels, as well as never-before-served dishes such as :

The Bossage Roll - a New York street-style hot dog in a bagel bun, with a vegan alternative.

The Bross Burger - two all turkey burger patties with Mama Bross’ Rock Sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and bacon, on a challah seed bun.

Dirty Fries– freshly cut fries with deep fried pastrami lardons, cheese, crispy onions, jalapeños and Mama Bross’ Rock Sauce, and much more.

Founder Mama Bross explains:

“Let’s face it, evenings have been pretty dull since lockdown. You know it’s bad when you envy your bins because they’ve been out more than you! Here at Bross Bagels we know exactly how you feel. "
“Our brand new ‘Dark Side of the Hole’ is the nocturnal opening you don’t want to miss. A night-time appearance more exciting than a fox in a top hat and monocle, we’re certain the menu will become local residents’ new favourite thing to do in the dark.”

The playful menu offers a little sneak peak of things to come at the Bross Bagels Bakery, in the converted bank building at 177 Portobello High Street, which will open once lockdown restrictions ease.

The bakery boasts a new Moretti Forni oven, allowing the Bross Bagels bakery team to deliver quality Montreal-inspired products. Challah burger buns and hot dog buns are all made from authentic bagel dough.

The new premises was funded with crowdfunding hitting an initial £100,000. The target is £150,000 by March.


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