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Bird's Milk chocolate.

Sharon Wilson

Ptasie Mleczko Chocolates

Just in time for Valentine’s Day Mrs. Bite received a box of chocolates. Not from Mr. B– oh nooo - from Ptasie Mleczko a one-man-band Polish chocolatier.

The name means ‘Bird’s Milk’ and refers to chocolates filled with a light fluffy soufflé-style filling that are popular in Eastern Europe. They are a very different beast from the overly toothsome standard boxes of supermarket chocolates. So, light they will ‘dance across your taste-buds’ says the website.

Leith Walk Police Box

It was Monty who runs The Leith Walk Police Box that introduced me to these hand-made delicacies. The 'box' places Monty in contact with sole-traders who have a speciality product and who want to test the market. The pop-up space is a great street food outlet where I have devoured and enjoyed Crazy Croissants and Tipico Sicilian candied nuts.

Ptasie Mleczko are at Leith Police Box today 11am-5pm but if you don’t make it you can order online and take advantage of free delivery. Mother’s Day and Easter are the next ‘chocolatey celebrations’ coming up and these would go down a treat.

Hand-made Bird's Milk chocolates

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