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Award winning Scottish businesses launch steaming collaboration

An award-winning Scottish sour beer brewery has teamed up with legendary steamed bao bun producers, and you should gear up for a deliciously naughty collaboration.

Known for their lovingly handcrafted cloud-like bao buns, Bundits are joining forces with Vault City for an exciting kitchen pop-up at the brewery’s popular Portobello taproom, Porty Vault. And unless you hate good food and great beer, you should get excited.

As always, the signature bao buns will play the lead role at their Porty Vault kitchen. From the 1st of March, you’ll be able to enjoy Bundits’ all-time favourites by the Portobello shore. These will include the OG Korean Fried Chicken Bao and the return of the street food masterpiece, Korean Braised Short Rib Bao with pickled red cabbage and BBQ sauce. Oh and THE famous gravy and Korean Fried Cauliflower (if you know, you know), will also make an appearance. 

The team has also created a mouthwatering dessert for their Porty customers, so make sure to save some room for Warm Chocolate Pecan Cookie Dough with Miso Ice Cream. SO GOOD.

Unsurprisingly, Vault City's delicious, dopamine-inducing beers have ignited the imagination of Bundits' flavour-driven crew. For those bold enough to let go of control a little, both brands' teams are planning to pair the brewery's sours with Bundits' dishes to create the ultimate combos. Savoured by the pint or enjoyed as flights, it's not just about finding the perfect matches, but also about sampling a variety of the brewery's ever-evolving beers. Told you it would be fun.

Speaking of the collaboration, Adam Reid, Head of Bar Operations at Vault City said;

“Living in Leith I’ve sampled the Bundits menu so many times, and I’m so excited to pair their incredible bao buns with our award-winning sour beer”.

Bundits Marketing Manager, Daniela Wolniak also spoke of her excitement about the launch;

“Two Edinburgh brands obsessed with their craft working together? Sign us up! Beer to VC is what a bao is to Bundits, so as far as collaborations go, this is the dream. We love everything Vault City stands for, and as you can imagine, working on this project has been incredibly fun (and delicious..) already, and we haven’t even launched yet. ”

Bundits will pop up at Vault City’s Porty Vault in Portobello from Friday 1st March. Bar is open Wednesday and Thursday 3-10 pm, Friday and Saturday 12 pm - 12 am, and Sunday 12 - 10 pm. 

Bundits Kitchen opening hours Wednesday-Fri 5 pm-9 pm, Saturday-Sunday 12 pm-9 pm. Walk-ins are welcome, but bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment. Click to book now.

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