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August House - Gyoza, burger, and haggis bon bons, a vegan feast in Glasgow


August House is a vegan eatery in Glasgow city centre. I am mostly vegan as are my family which includes two toddlers! Feeding my family ethically takes time and effort so it was nice to be invited to check out a restaurant and leave the cooking to someone else for a change.

My first impression is that the décor of August House, with its DJ table and low natural light, suggests a nighttime rather than lunchtime venue. The food service, however, proves to be pleasant, fast, and friendly.

Veganism is on the rise. According to YouGov non-meat eaters have become a significant market in the last five years, comprising 2-3% of the UK’s population, while 5-7% are vegetarian, not to mention flexitarians. There is a clear need then for a vegan offering in the heart of Glasgow.

I order Haggis Bon Bons with Pepper sauce and it disappoints me as sadly the batter is too thick and thus overpowers the haggis. The sauce needs more body to it.

Second time lucky: I try the fried Gyoza and it is very good, there is a good crunch in the mouth, and the wasabi and citrus-infused soy sauce have the right amount of kick.

Not Chicken Burger, Sweet Potato Fries

The mains section offers a selection of Burgers and I opt for the ‘Not Chicken Burger’ with lettuce, spring onion, shredded cabbage slaw with Katsu curry sauce and it is worth the wait. Nice bun, tasty homemade slaw, tasty vegan chicken, and the sauce is well reduced, perfect for the burger. A smiley face for that but not for the fries, sadly. My sweet potato fries are literally soggy and I can only eat two.

The price is on point, and the service is very good, but the menu needs direction, with haggis, gyoza, and Korean fried chicken, it is hard to understand what the theme is. I would return for the burgers, just not the fries. (V. Maeda)

August House, 43 Mitchell Street, Glasgow City Centre.

Starters: around £7.00

Mains: £13.00

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