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An un-pho-gettable journey to Hanoi at Six by Nico

Hanoi is one of the world's most ancient capitals, located on the banks of the Red River. When you arrive in the Vietnamese capital, you'll notice streets within the city centre that are home to well-preserved colonial buildings, ancient pagodas, and one-of-a-kind museums. This French-colonial city is known for its delectable cuisine and lively nightlife, and its food scene is arguably Asia's richest. Chef Nico Simeone and his team will celebrate Hanoi's food mecca with dishes inspired by world-class dishes from Vietnam's capital city, including traditional, tantalising street fare and modern dishes with cultural flair. Six by Nico has curated their Hanoi story with the help of local Vietnamese creatives and contributors for the first time in their history. During the months leading up to today's announcement, the restaurant brand collaborated with various local creatives to showcase their six favourite and traditional dishes known in the city. Using various digital mediums including instagram and Airbnb, they were able to connect with videographers, photographers, and local travel guides to generate bespoke content. The final creative can be viewed here The new six course HANOI tasting menu available from 18th July includes Bún Riêu - Vietnamese Shellfish Foam, Avocado, Grapefruit, Crispy Noodles & Wild Rice; Nem Rán - Crispy Prawn Nem Rán, Spring Roll, Carrot & Mooli; Bún Bo - Smoked Beef, Noodles, Bone Marrow Sauce, Coriander, Beansprouts; Chả Cá Lã Vọng - Cod, Coconut & Coriander Chutney, Vietnamese Curry, Bok Choy, Bánh Đa; Gỏi Xoài - Tamarind Glazed Chicken, Sweet Potato Hash, Crispy Leg Salad & Burnt Mango.

Bánh Trôi - Palm Sugar Delice, Kumquat, Lime & Ginger Mousse

Finally, a colour dessert is a feast for the eyes and taste buds HANOI's dessert, Bánh Trôi - Palm Sugar Delice, Kumquat, Lime & Ginger Mousse Six by Nico Head of Creative Development, chef Andy Temple said:

"We knew that exploring Hanoi as a menu would be a creative challenge for the development team when we first thought of it. It's difficult to find locally sourced ingredients, so talking with local restaurants in the UK really helped us get the final dishes on the menu right. We are extremely grateful to the guys in Hanoi for their time and knowledge alongside our creative team. I hope our guests enjoy this truly amazing menu and that we are able to transport them to this wonderful city". Diners can book a table now for HANOI. Open weekly, each six-course menu will be available from noon to late. The menu will be priced from £37 per person with the option to enjoy an expertly selected wine pairing for an additional £30 at each restaurant. As always, there is a vegetarian alternative available for every course, as well as HANOI inspired snack sides from £6.50.

HANOI is available from 18h July 2022 - Sunday 28th August 2022 across various UK and Ireland locations.

Opening Times

  • Glasgow Finnieston: Open Monday - Sunday

  • Glasgow Southside: Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only

  • Edinburgh City Centre: Closed Tuesdays, open Wednesday - Monday

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