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Superico Restaurant

Kerry Teakle with Mike Lynch and The Social Bitches at Superico

If you’re out and about around George Street and Hanover Street in Edinburgh and looking for somewhere to refuel, look no further than Superico Restaurant at 83 Hanover Street, with its funky, Mediterranean vibe, and relaxed playlist.

Managed by Mike Lynch, (who also manages Superico Bar and Lounge at 99 Hanover Street), an award-winning mixologist with a speciality in drinks and menu development, he is joined by Calum Ralston, part of the Ralston family food clan, well-known in Edinburgh’s hospitality scene.

The younger brother of Scott and Stuart (who appeared on the recent series of the Great British Menu), Calum is head chef at Superico. He has created a menu inspired by some of the most exciting food destinations, styles and trends around the globe.

With a choice of snacks; small plates where it’s recommended you choose 2-3 per person; larger shared plates, suitable for sharing between 2-4, depending on how greedy your dining partners are; and desserts, there is much to tempt.

The drinks list includes Aperitivo-style offerings with a selection of spritzes and Martini’s served straight from the freezer, as well as speciality wines from around the world. The experience of Aperitivo is a cultural ritual - often a pre-meal drink, which is becoming popular in Edinburgh's food and drink scene.

Signature cocktails include Padron Martini, using Spanish Padron peppers; Yuzu Spritz which uses aromatic citrus from Japan; and Peach Negroni, combining Italian and Scottish influences, including artisanal flavours and ingredients from The House of Botanicals in Aberdeen.

Gordal Olives

I start with a Rosemary Daisy, made of Tapatio Blanco Tequila, Apricot, Rosemary, Lime and Spanish Bitters served elegantly in an old-fashioned, gimlet-style glass. But by far the winner is the Peach Negroni, with its single large ice block. It is paired with some Gordal olives, which translates as big, fat juicy ones, and a firm favourite to enjoy alongside any cocktail, they will convert even non-olive lovers.

Our choice of dishes veered to the meaty, due to some seafood and shellfish allergies.

The croquettes, traditionally a béchamel or mash potato concoction, often flavoured with ham, cheese or fish, covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried, are instead a delightful and satisfying combination of ham hock, cheese custard and apple sauce covered in panko breadcrumbs and deep fried. We put them on repeat order as everyone declares them a firm favourite among the small plates.

Ham Hock Croquettes

The king oyster mushroom served on new potatoes with a tarragon Verde, shallots and dusted with parmesan has a lovely meaty texture, although obviously vegetarian.

Likewise, curried cauliflower, with tahini, crispy chickpeas, roast shallots, chilli and lime peanuts is hearty and would satisfy any carnivore favouring diners.

For lovers of beef short-rib, make sure you get your order in early. Despite being relatively early diners, we nabbed the last portion. Served with smoked lardons and silverskin ragu, and again with a tarragon Verde, it is meltingly succulent. When paired with the potato bravas, aioli and Manchego, it is a meal in itself.

However, we still manage to find room for a sharing plate of a buttermilk spatchcocked chicken, served with more potato bravas, baby gem salad and a chicken gravy which is so intense and rich, it is plate-licking worthy.

For dessert, the chocolate brownie with hazelnut fudge and dulce de leche ice cream is the popular choice although the custard tart with the cleansing strawberry sorbet also gets a look in from one of our diners and is declared ‘superb’.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere for food and to refuel during the Festival or just a cool place to meet friends, Superico should be added to your restaurant list for its outstanding food, its relaxed, continental vibe and unobtrusive, yet excellent playlist.

A big shout out to Mike and to Jess, our friendly waitress, who made our dining experience such a memorable occasion among the madness that is Fringe August.

Superico Restaurant – 83 Hanover Street

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