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Summer Pudding - let summer reign

By Lea Harris

Photo: Summer Pud by Stuart Muir at Dine.

If you're a regular reader of Bite, you'll know I tweak and twist the classics. Well this recipe is no exception. With no hard and fast rules, throw in what you fancy, but whatever you do, the cordial must be a thick, high fruit one, I use Pixley Berries or you could make your own. I dislike the texture of white bread, which is normally used, hence brioche or cake (chocolate sponge is a fav). Even if it's peeing down, let summer reign!

Summer Pudding Enough for 4-6.

2lb of mixed berries, cherries and blackcurrants (if using)

Blackcurrant cordial

Sliced brioche or cake

Caster sugar to taste.

  • Line a 2-pint pudding basin with clingfilm.

  • Make up ¼ pint of cordial with water and sugar to taste. Bring to the boil in a saucepan.

  • Reduce heat, add cherries and blackcurrants (if using), leave to simmer for about 3-4 mins, then add halved strawberries and the rasps. Remove from heat.

  • Line the bowl with the brioche or cake, pressing firmly against the sides. Drain the fruit, reserving the juice.Add the fruits to within ¼ inch of top of the bowl and cap with brioche or cake.

  • Place a plate on top and weight down. Leave in fridge overnight.

  • Unmold the pudding; pour some of the juice over the top. Serve the rest with a healthy glug of cream and any remaining fruit.

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