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Roots - where food doesn't cost the earth

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

By Tracy Griffen

Getting a platter of food delivered for a Friday after-work feast has become a new high point to my week. In these days of WFH (working from home), and spending more time at home in general, opening the front door to a lavish feast is a treat.

The Grazing Box from Roots Deli is more than mere munchies. You can see from the photo just how big the selection was. There were cheeses, dips guacamole and hummus, boiled egg, and plenty of bread. A large portion of olives lasted the whole weekend. A good vitamin fix of vegetables too as cabbage slaw, marinated artichokes, fire-roasted peppers, grapes and kiwi fruit helped us keep our healthy haloes intact. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I struggle to eat enough fruit and veg over winter.

The Veggie box was excellent value, lasting two people, two meals, no dishes to worry about and all packaging is recyclable.

A selection of Grazing boxes comprises Omni (with some meat), Veggie, Vegan or even a Sweetbox if you’re tempted. The large box serves up to four people (£16 - £36) or there is a small box for one (£5 – £11).

Up-to-date menus on their Facebook page

Also, Roots are offering a Christmas dinner service.

Roots Deli and Salad Bar on William Street are known for the delicious range of soups, salads, smoothies, sweet things and exceptional customer service. So if you’re in the West End, pop by for lunch or a cuppa. Roots Deli, “where good food doesn’t cost the earth”...


Roots Deli & Salad Bar

18 William Street



8.30am – 3pm Mon – Fri

9.30 – 3pm Sat

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