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Edinburgh microbrewery, bar and restaurant Cold Town House will host the inaugural Grassmarket Craft Beer Festival on the 11th of May. Kicking off at noon, the event will celebrate craft beer, local culinary delights, and live musical entertainment.

Attendees can sample a selection of brews meticulously curated from renowned Scottish breweries. Among the participants are Cold Town Beer, Barney’s Beer, Campervan Brewery, Moonwake Beer Co, 71 Brewing, Dookit Brewing Co, Holy Goat Brewing, Newbarns, Stewart Brewing, and Two Towns Down Brewing.

Chris Queen, Organiser of Grassmarket Craft Beer Festival, said:

"The Grassmarket Craft Beer Festival represents a celebration of Scottish brewing excellence, where attendees can immerse themselves in the rich variety of flavours and craftsmanship that define our industry. Cold Town House looks forward to welcoming beer aficionados and newcomers alike to what promises to be an unforgettable event."

Hayley Ransom, a Head Brewer at Cold Town Beer added:

“It's great to be invited to participate in the festival. We really respect the other breweries who are showcasing and we’re delighted to be featured amongst them. Craft beer brewing in Scotland is world leading in terms of flavour, technique and ingredients so this festival will be a real treat for everyone.”

In addition to the discerning beer offerings, attendees can explore a range of street food cuisine on offer throughout Cold Town House’s three floors, thoughtfully selected and curated to complement the flavours of the brews.

Tickets cost £10, including two tokens for half pints of choice from any brewery at the festival, and can be booked here.

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