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Paz Taqueria: A Taste of Mexico in Edinburgh

Updated: Jan 30

Spicy Margarita

Paz Taqueria, located on the former site of El Cartel in Edinburgh, brings the vibrant flavors of Mexico to Thistle Street.

Embracing the tradition of a taqueria, this small restaurant offers a selection of street food favorites, including tacos and burritos. With its green-blue walls, cozy tables, photos of masked Mexican wrestlers, and open kitchen, Paz Taqueria creates an informal, fun atmosphere for diners.

The menu is as compact as the venue itself, with the main focus being on tacos. However, there are also a few starters available to complement the tacos, and don't worry, there is a also short cocktail list to enhance your dining experience.

Our visit to Paz Taqueria begins with a recommendation from the waitress - a Spicy Margarita.

A tumbler with a bright orange-red drink arrives crusted with salt and as we sip our taste buds are invigorated and ready for the culinary journey ahead.

Tortilla Chips are fresh and homemade

To start, we order Totopos (corn tortilla chips) con Salsa and Sopes de Choripapa, thick corn patties topped with beans, fried potatoes, chorizo, lettuce, and cheese. The tortilla chips are homemade and much better than the generic ready-made, processed ones.  

When it comes to choosing our tacos, we decide to explore a variety of fillings. From fishy to meaty and veggie options, Paz Taqueria has something to satisfy every palate.

The 'carne' taco is stuffed with flat iron steak and bone marrow crema that adds a rich, savoury, umami taste. 'Pulpo' has crispy confit octopus and subtle pineapple to balance and sweeten.

On the veggie side, we try a taco filled with fried potatoes, black beans, and blue cheese cream, as well as one with green beans, spinach, and infused red onion and thyme cheese. The latter proves to be the winner, with its homemade taco dough and harmonious combination of vibrant, crunchy ingredients.

At present, Paz Taqueria does not offer desserts or coffees. However, depending on your appetite, a taco dish and a starter are sufficient to enjoy a satisfying and affordable meal at this cozy taqueria.

Whether you're looking for a quick lunch while running errands in the city center or an informal dinner option, Paz Taqueria is a great choice. Just keep in mind that there might be a queue for tables, as they do not take bookings.

Paz Taqueria - 64 Thistle Street, EH2 1EN - Closed on Monday

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