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Panda & Sons Takeover

The Lyaness team will be taking over Edinburgh’s beloved Panda & Sons, on 4th May.

Panda & Sons was opened in 2013 by award-winning bartender Iain McPherson, with a drinks menu focusing on innovation, and exploring and pioneering the largely unknown world of frozen drink techniques. The Edinburgh favourite aims to create a place for people of all ages to come and receive the very best Scottish Hospitality. The exclusive drinks menu will be in collaboration with Pernod Ricard UK, with the Lyaness team bringing their unique style to Edinburgh with 6 bespoke cocktails for the evening, using an array of unique spirits including:

Horse with No Name,

Horse with No Name

Del Maguey Mezcal,

Del Maguey Mezcal,



Ki No Bi

Ki No Bi

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole

La Hechicera.

La Hechicera

Reservations are recommended (here)


Lyaness, London | 31st July

On 31st July, Panda & Sons, Edinburgh's renowned basement bar, will return the favour by popping up in London as part of the Sunday Lyan series. You can expect an exclusive drinks menu, in collaboration with Fever Tree, and great music to kick off another Sunday evening from 6pm.

Reservations are recommended (here), but walk-ins are welcome!

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