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Top-tasting alcohol-free beers and ciders to see you through January and beyond

January is almost upon us. It brings short days, cold snaps and New Year’s resolutions, and for many people this equates to moderating their alcohol intake for the month - or abstaining completely.

While millions of Brits will opt to go ‘on the wagon’ for January in 2023, the trend for drinking No & Low alcohol all year round has exploded in recent years as the old stigmas and taboos associated with alcohol-free drinks dissipates. Choosing between an original alcohol version or alcohol-free option is increasingly becoming more popular.

New research* shows that the number of No & Low drinkers has more than trebled since 2018 (715,000 new people have started drinking NoLo during the period) and it’s estimated that as many as 13 million Brits are currently moderating their alcohol intake. What’s more, it’s the younger generation who are leading the charge – the data shows that 50 per cent of 18 – 24-year-olds are trying to moderate their alcohol intake, an increase of 9% versus five years ago.

North of the border, the increase in the popularity of No & Low alcohol drinks is even more pronounced. The number of No & Low drinks sold in Scotland in 2022 was more than five times the size compared to 2018, and Heineken 0.0 has played a big part in driving that growth - it accounts for one third of all alcohol free beer sales in the country. In addition, and more broadly speaking, data shows that those in Scotland who have tried No & Low drinks have reduced the amount of alcoholic drinks they consume on a weekly basis as a result.

As to be expected, more and more No & Low products are hitting the market – the latest count showed there to be more than 200 different beers, ciders, wines and spirits available in the UK. The HEINEKEN product line up, that includes some of the best tasting No & Low beers and ciders out there, comprises the following:

Heineken 0.0 (330ml bottles and cans)

Heineken 0.0 is the nation’s favourite alcohol-free beer and it is often cited as being one of the best tasting beers on the market, alcohol or no alcohol. It’s made with the same quality ingredients as its famed alcoholic stablemate, boasting the familiar and characteristic fruity notes of the 5% ABV Heineken Original – the only difference being that 0.0 is without the alcohol. Heineken 0.0 bottles and cans (330ml) contain just 69 calories.

Heineken 0.0 Draught

In early 2022 Heineken started rolling out Heineken 0.0 on tap across hundreds of British pubs. It was a huge breakthrough in the world of NoLo beer, and it’s great news for those people who want to go to the pub this January and hold and drink a proper pint – just without the alcohol. A pint of Heineken 0.0 Draught contains just 115 calories (so it’s a good option for those maintaining a balanced lifestyle after any Christmas over-indulgences).

Birra Moretti Zero (330ml bottles)

Birra Moretti Zero is a premium beer. Brewed with Italian passion and made using the finest quality ingredients, Birra Moretti Zero is perfectly balanced with fresh, hoppy and citrus notes. The beer has an ABV of 0.05 per cent and there are just 66 calories in each 330 ml bottle.

Old Mout alcohol-free Fruit Cider (500ml bottles)

Long gone are the days when it was just alcohol-free beer on offer. If you’re more of a cider drinker but want to keep things strictly NoLo in January then Old Mout has you covered. Old Mout Pineapple and Raspberry Alcohol Free Fruit Cider is an exotic delight, ideal for those taking a break from alcohol but still wanting zest and excitement from a cider. Alternatively, Old Mout Berries and Cherries Alcohol Free Fruit Cider is built on a legendary three-berry trio – strawberries and raspberries with notes of blueberries, all finished with a refreshing burst of juicy apple. Available in 500 ml bottles, It’s as refreshing as ciders come and is the perfect choice for those looking to inject a sense of summer into the start of the year.

Brixton Brewery: Switch Alcohol Free Pale Ale Limited Edition (330ml cans)

Created specifically for those looking to drink more mindfully this January, Switch is packed with all the juicy flavours one might expect from a Brixton-brewed pale ale – and at just 0.5% ABV. Bursting with notes of pineapple and coconut, Switch is the latest limited edition to originate from SW9 and is a tribute to the power of small changes making a big difference. Available in 330ml cans, Switch is the perfect choice for those who fancy a bev without the buzz!

*All statistics quoted from Kantar research conducted for Heineken, 12 months ending July 2022.

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