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Luci's modern Italian restaurant in Lasswade

Arancini stuffed with braised short-rib

Tucked away in picturesque Lasswade by the tranquil River Esk, Luci's invites you to experience modern Italian dining.

The restaurant has a family-friendly neighbourhood feel and the decor is smart with a colour scheme that combines the Italian: sharp Amalfi lemon and squid ink black and the Scottish: slate gray sky and sea.

There is a cocktail bar and mezzanine, but we are seated in the dining room. I order a large glass of golden Pecorino, that has tropical citrus and aromatic florals balanced by a sharp minerality.

It is a lively place with an open kitchen affording glimpses of inked arms working the dough and pasta that is freshly made. The menu changes with the seasons. 

Potato & egg yolk ravioli, brown butter, black truffle

We order the arancini stuffed with short rib, egg and potato ravioli with brown butter, black truffle, and chive. My crispy tennis ball of risotto rice has a snug spoonful of rich beef in the middle. The San Marzano tomato ragu is slow-cooked and heady with basil. Black specks of truffle perfume Mr Bite’s Ravioli; a luxurious mix of butter, wild mushroom, and egg. 

Our main courses are Crab with Tagliatelle for me, and Italian Spicy Sausage with Rigatoni for Mr Bite. All the pasta is handmade with egg and cooked al dente. The Scottish crab, chilli and parsley shine through the pasta but the butter sauce is too heavy for such a delicate dish. I would prefer a simple swirl of EVOO. 

Handmade egg tagliatelle with Scottish crab meat

Mr Bite enjoys his sausage pasta but thinks it could be more spicy. Maybe njuda could be a consideration for those who like it hot!

Portions are very generous, which is like saying 'I work too hard' in an interview when asked about a weakness! I am glad to see another table using doggy bags.

Perhaps we should have skipped the chilli pecorino fries, Kauffman fries tossed in fresh pecorino Romano DOP & chilli, but that would be a sin! This upscale Italian version of chips ‘n’ cheese is irresistible.  

We are saving room for the Tiramisu, and it is well worth it. This renowned dessert translates into English as "pick me up." It is said to have aphrodisiac effects, likely due to the alcohol and coffee soaking the sponge, as well as the cocoa generously sprinkled on top of a mixture of whipped eggs, sugar, and mascarpone. The Tiramisu at Luci's is as exceptional as any I have ever had.

I also sip a Fig and Sage Daiquiri which is well-balanced and presented beautifully.

Luci’s is a lovely restaurant with a great atmosphere located in the Esk Valley, south of Edinburgh. It's perfect for a post-walk meal, a family dinner, or any kind of celebration. There are a few parking spaces available at the restaurant, and more just a couple of minutes across the bridge over the river.

If driving you will have to skip the delicious wine and cocktails, but you can make up for it with that Tiramisu.

Luci's 14 High St, Lasswade EH18 1ND - 0131 663 0961

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