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Le Petit Beefbar - carnivore's delight

Various beef with sauces and sides

As reports of soaring temperatures due to climate change hit the headlines I can't help but consider the environmental impact of this new steakhouse which has taken up residence in the InterContinental George Hotel. The focus is on beef from around the world as well as Scotland and is clearly aimed at tourists. The carbon footprint must be eye-watering.

And then you learn the Edinburgh restaurant is one of around 30 branded eateries globally. The first restaurant was opened in 2005 in Monaco by Riccardo Giraudi and who has since received a clutch of awards and recognition including a Michelin star for Beefbar Hong Kong. Giraudi comes from a family of meat exporters and has developed the restaurant side of the business. Putting aside my environmental concerns, the food tastes fabulous.

I have been invited along with my plus one to sample the offering. Thank goodness, because the prices are in line with a current Edinburgh trend towards those of London. We now regularly see both starters and desserts hitting around the £12 mark. This means you are going to pay £50 ahead for three courses before drinks.

Kobe beef Jamon

We sample a variety of canapés. The Kobe Beef Jamon has us drooling. It is raised in Japan, cured in Spain and aged in Leon for 18 months, and dissolves on the tongue. I also love the sumptuous croque sando 45-day cured beef striploin prosciutto, mozzarella, and La Sauce Beefbar.

From the aged to the young and Miso Black Beef, aka veal, from 8-month milk-fed Holstein, Peter's Farm, Holland is another jaw-dropping hit. Black Angus rib-eyes from the USA have rosy perfumed flesh. Kobe is grain fed and from Japan. Mash is whipped silky, fries are salty and the greens crisp and fresh. Sauces (signature beefbar and paradise pepper) are rich.

Dessert is a big ceramic pot of soft gelato, French toast, and three sauces - the dulce de leche and raspberry are toothsome and tart respectively but the chocolate one is too sweet lacking real cocoa flavour.

Cocktails are attractive and accomplished. My Negroni has a smooth layer of vanilla vermouth.

Fior de Latter Gelato

Food and beverages at Le Petite Beefbar are tasty and crowd-pleasing with its focus on prime beef. It’s aimed at families and friendship groups as the idea is to tuck in and share.

However, it’s costly both in terms of your pocket and the Earth so perhaps is best considered for an occasion. In terms of hotel dining in George Street Le Petite Beefbar fills a niche.

Le Petit Beefbar, 21-25 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PB - 0131 240 7177,

Monday - Thursday - 5:30 pm-10 pm, Friday Lunch - 12.30 pm - 3.30 pm & dinner 5.30 pm - 10 pm, Sat & Sun 12.30 pm - 10 pm.

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